How to Cut and Join 6 Inch and Larger ABS, PVC and CPVC

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this video is going to show you the

basics of installing plastic pipe that

is six inches in diameter and larger

plastic pipe is an incredibly useful and

cost-effective material when installed

in accordance with this video in our

technical and installation manual you'll

have years of worryfree operation we

can't cover everything

that's why installation only should be

done by a licensed plumbing contractor

who is familiar with local plumbing

codes and regulations additional

information can be found at Charlotte

pipe comm / technical there are nine

stages to installing plastic pipe six

inches of larger there are a lot of ways

to cut plastic pipe whatever tool you

use the most important thing is to get a

square cut four pipe this size

acceptable tools include reciprocating

saw mechanical cutoff with carbide tip

blade or if you've got a lot of spare

time a handsaw measure and mark the

required length of pipe

remove all burrs from the inside and the

outside of the pipe with the deburring

tool bevel the edges to a 10 to 15

degree angle a variety of tools are

available clean and dry the pipe and

fittings next using a pipe wrap has a

straight edge mark the insertion depth

of the fitting then make a second mark

two inches past the insertion depth do a

dry fit with light pressure the pipe

should go one half to two-thirds of the

way into the fitting hub pipe and

fittings that are too tight or too loose

shouldn't be used with pipe over six

inches in diameter we recommend a crew

of two or three people for 10 inches and

larger a crew of three to four people

even if you could manage to do this

yourself it is difficult if not

impossible to put the joint together

before the primer and cement begin to

set before you begin select the

appropriate cement for the job and make

sure it is well mixed heavy-bodied

cement is recommended no matter what

kind of pipe you are joining you always

want to use an applicator that is half

the size of the pipe you are joining so

for a 10-inch pipe you'd use a five inch


for ABS pipe primer is not recommended

so you can go straight to the cement

step for PVC and see PVC of all sizes

first apply primer to the fitting then

to the pipe then apply a second coat of

primer to the fitting really work it in

aggressively to work the primer into the

surface next coat the surface with


don't waste time the cement must be

applied while the primer is still wet

apply full and even layer of cement to

the pipe surface to a point a half an

inch beyond the hub depth then apply a

medium layer of cement to the fitting

socket apply a second full coat of

cement to the pipe surface without

allowing the cement to puddle or

accumulate inside of the system quickly

assemble pipe and fittings while the

cement is still fluid if it hardens you

have to cut the pipe and start over with

a new fitting it is very important that

the pipe is fully inserted into the

fitting large diameter pipe is heavy and

can be resistant to insertion we

recommend that you use a pulling tool

lastly remove excess cement from the

joint a properly made joint will show a

continuous bead of cement around the

perimeter if you see gaps you might not

have applied enough cement and the joint

may fail that's our overview of how to

install plastic pipe that's 6 inches and

larger in diameter with larger diameter

pipe having enough people and using

enough cement or key always read the

technical manuals for everything that

you use when installing 6-inch diameter

and larger plastic pipe if you install

the pipe correctly in accordance with

the technical manual using compatible

materials and if you pay attention to

the details you'll have a world-class

plumbing system that should provide

years of solid performance you'll find a

link to our technical manual at

Charlotte pipe comm slash technical and

if you run into anything in the field

that you can't figure out please contact

us at Charlotte pipe comm slash