HOW TO CUT A CAKE: Properly cut a tall cake

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hey guys welcome back to Kara's cakes

today I'm going to show you how to

properly cut a round cake now this cake

is a six inch round and it's pretty tall

so I'm going to get 15 to 16 pieces out

of it and I'm going to show you how I

did that all you're going to need to cut

the cake is a chef's knife or a knife

long enough to go right through your

cake and a cutting board like this one

and this cutting board is just a plastic

cutting board and just make sure it's at

least as tall as your cake and I just

have a sheet pan over here to put all my


so traditionally you would cut a cake

into triangle slices but where this cake

is so tall you want to get the optimal

amount of slices out of the cake in a

triangle slice would almost give you too

big of a slice so I'm gonna show you how

to cut them in more of a cube I'm going

to show you an overhead version of what

I'm doing

so I'm cutting like four slices across

the cake one right in the middle like

halfway and then two on either side so

you're getting four slices across so at

this point if you had any cookies or

toppings around the top of the cake I

would suggest taking those off so then

you can divvy them out and all the

slices afterwards and what you're gonna

do is you're gonna take your knife and

cut through your first quarter slice

you're gonna put the knife all the way

through and make your cut as even as

possible it doesn't have to be perfect

but if you want more of a cube try to

make it pretty even you're gonna take

your cutting board and kind of lay the

slice down on the cutting board so that

is the first slice so I'm going to show

you how I cut this up and I'm going to

lay it flat and excuse my tripod in my

little phone cord there but I do end up

cutting this slice here into three but

you could definitely cut it into four

that's why at the beginning of the video

I say 15 to 16 slices I definitely could

have cut this piece into four because I

end up cutting the last piece on the

other end in four but I just cut it on

an angle a little bit just because it's

more rounded and I transfer them over to

the serving plate or I just transfer

them over to the parchment paper sheet I

have ready I like to serve my cakes at

room temperature just note that this

cake that I'm cutting was in the fridge

overnight so it looks like it's really

hard to cut but if this was room

temperature it would be slicing a lot

easier so I'm going in with the next cut

right through the middle so as you can

see when I cut through here I'm kind of

looking into the middle of the cake

because there's some pressure and I

realize that I'm cutting through my

plastic support straw I use plastic

slushy straws for taller cakes to

support them because when I'm decorating

if I don't put one in there then they

kind of slide around and you'll see when

I put it on the cutting

all I have to do is remove the plastic

straw and push that off to the side

sometimes in taller cakes like wedding

cakes were there multiple tiers you'll

have wooden supports in them so if you

do go cut into your wedding cake there's

a wooden support all you have to do is

move to the side a little bit and then

you can cut around the wooden dowel or

you can take it from the top if you need

to do that as well so I cut this piece

of cake into four slices you could cut

it into five but I just wanted the cake

to be pretty even and I'll show you here

that it's four different slices one two

three four and then I'm going to move

those over onto my sheet tray as well

and get ready to make the next slice

so if your cake is room-temperature this

last slice may be pretty tricky and all

you have to do is just have your cutting

board closed and I'm going to cut that

last piece in half break down the middle

grab your cutting board and you're going

to put it right next to that middle

slice and you're going to slide your

knife towards the cutting board and

again you're going to cut this cake

slice into four pieces so you can see

that this way gives you a lot more

slices than the regular triangle slice

would give you so here we are with our

last piece we're gonna put the cutting

board right next to it flip that over

and then you're going to cut it into

four pieces so we'll cut right down the

middle and then cut the two other pieces

on angles because it's a rounded piece

there you have it so I did get 15 slices

out of this cake you could get 16 if I

made that first slice 4 pieces instead

of three you could again cut those

pieces into halves you could get 30

pieces out of this for a children's cake

but if it's adult sized pieces I'd stick

with the 15th thank you so much for

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