🤔 one main hack for measuring and cutting large base boards easily🤩

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is a James of yellen's construction

we're going to show you how to do

baseboards simply come on over

first step is clearing your wall off

making sure that there's no nails in it

second step is measuring alright it's

good to know your sixteenths when you're

measuring a lot of people just know the

major ones but this one did eighty one

and eleven sixteenths okay we're gonna

write that down here

and we're gonna put our angles on here

I'm gonna put a corner over here and an

inside over here now it's important to

understand your angles this is what the

baseboard will look like when you cut it

from the top so we measured this 181 and

eleven sixteenths we got an inside

corner here and we got an outside corner

here so let me show you guys a lot of

people think that the saw should be up

like this and that you move it this way

to cut baseboards okay so just to

illustrate you'd have to have the

baseboard up like this

and it's really hard to get it square on

the saw and it's really hard to get it

to stay in that position but that is the

wrong way to do it

once your saw on zero and you want to

miter it down like this okay here we go

inside corner so let me show you guys

what I mean okay inside corner

okay so if you noticed over here on this


I put the tape on the back of space

board you never want to measure from the

face because you're not going to get a

good measurement I want to measure from

the back of the baseboard

81 in 1116

and then we're gonna get a cut it

okay so you got to know your salt come

on up here here gonna know your song you

got to know exactly where that line goes

in order to cut it so some solid you

might be over there some songs you might

be over here but my song I'm gonna be

about right there right so here we go

so I got my line I got my line right on

the corner I'm gonna take a hair off and

I'm gonna show you guys our cut here

outside corner outside corner