Soldering ... 400 to 600 strand 6 gauge wire. PA!

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hey what's going on guys girls there's a

lot of guys at home in various places

that I need to know how to do this you

really needed how to do it you got to

have all the right tools if you don't

have all the right tools solder tips

iron do not attempt this number one wash

your hands your hands got to be clean no

oil if you're wondering how everything

was cut start watching my videos

don't ask questions start watching pay

attention I don't know how to do it say

you see how far that's cut back you see

how far that's cut back I don't know

it's just like the diameter means how

much you have to cut back okay see that

it's done exactly the same way as I'm

gonna show you how to do this make sure

there's no wind there's no air your

bench is spotless there's no dust flying

around can't really do this outside and

this is gonna be the best way you're

gonna solder wires together period if

you don't if you only have sae wire and

that aughh don't even attempt it if you

can avoid splicing wires do it replace

it side of the enzyme

replace the wire cost you a few bucks

that's what you want to do because

you're gonna have to pee this bumps and

loss all right always replace with

quality materials and a home depot stuff

the Des Moines home depot but they don't

normally sell your the proper DC wire

one way to to test and determine well if

you have a voltage drop is do a voltage

drop test don't know how to do it look

it up by an ohmmeter and or you know if

you touch your crimp connectors or

splices and they're getting warmed up

Bath's bad either you screwed up and

used the incorrect wire and connectors

or you did a crimp job or you didn't

solder them properly all right all right

so this was cut like I explained in

another video and I'll put some links to

this and oh that's just about the right

length right there you can go longer if

then you'll need more shrink tube right

no my hands are clean there's no dirt

laying around my irons warm the solder

is right next to me you don't need a lot

of elaborate tools to do this just the

right stuff all right so what I'm gonna

do is go like this fan it out I'm not

kicking them I'm gonna sit I'm not

laying it in any dirt dust my hands are

clean oil free yeah I'm trying to look

through the camera at the same time you

don't want to bend any wires over and

you can't use wire cutters to do this

watch the videos let's see what I said

how to do it hold this we'll see it all

at the same time and then try to feed it

in it's not gonna go perfect

you just do the best you can

see what's going on you want no balls or

nothing nowhere that would require a lot

of solder then and a lot of solder is

not good you want all the wires be as

close as possible

Clapton man you do doot-doot-doot bad

love all right that'll work

so you see how they're all together like

this that's what we've done they're not

all king did not kind of weird

they're like this all nice and tight


the twist to it considering you already

got your shrink tube in place all right

it's not going to be the prettiest thing

but it's going to be a connection


once you get it to that point you don't

want to move it around very much you

don't really want nothing touching it

and you metal will absorb the heat

always that spotless iron make sure it's

clean and wet


we're trying to see what we're doing

here at the camera in the way



yes that's a lot of worry heat up



yeah we're wasting a lot of solder not

wasting you know I am just showing this


as if you were outside or there was dirt

flying around dust it would be absorbed

into the solder plus the wind and he

kind of wind it all would be cooling the

solder down like would being liquid

cooled you know you don't want that

try to keep the iron on it as much as

possible don't let off



yes getting hot

notice the angle that I have the tip on

the iron so the transference heat goes

straight into the wire itself I'm not

using the tip like straight down I'm

using a flat surface the best that I can

in this position for this video okay let

that cool a little bit yes it's hot

yeah I could have sat there and did some


all right now you just pull your shrink

tube over that and then you're done deal

hold on a second do this



it's a pain in the ass to do that you

gotta have all the right tools the right

Tampa solder it's not cheap if you can't

do it pay the piper but when you're

soldering your wires together this is

what it has to be like notice how the

solder all the way through so yeah hope

you learned something if you did click

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