Sample of splicing two #6 gauge wires

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okay so I'm gonna take these two wires

now it's much easier out here with two

identical type of wires then we're I'm

gonna have to do it so just keep that in

mind and somebody was saying try to

twist these two wires really twist these

look how big they are and at that short

distance then he can happen so whoever

is saying that earlier - I don't know

what kind of drugs you're on but that

stuff just ain't gonna happen okay

there's one together it looks like I'm

gonna miss a couple but I'll just cut

those off okay yeah missed a couple you

just cut off those so you're not gonna

be perfect every time



that's how that goes so you can see it

does fit if it's real tight real good

okay now you take your crimper tool put

this inside goes in all the way and just


well as tight as you can okay and this

is what it turns out to look like right


it's crimped all the way around it

there's no way these are coming out

there and they're tight as can be okay

then you're supposed to cut this lip off

up here and I did that a minute ago I

used my cable cutters let's see if I

could do that again

there it is leans or so


and you can see there's the wire there's

some of the work go throw that away real


okay now this one knows using there's a

sample okay here's an empty one now you

take this and you just put it over the

top of that and push till you hear it

snap on now it's on they're not coming

off okay good

now you take your heat shrink it slide

it over the top this is the one inch or

so three-quarter inch I thought I cut a

piece that's it now if this is the small

stuff so you don't fit there's that

there's that there's that just sit yeah

this is it okay

gotta get it on there on there tight

okay outside I like it where it just

goes right over the slip right here so

it'll help hold that cap in place with

already guaranteed not to separate in

the vibration but I think that's good

now I'll be right back thing to use some

heat-shrink on it where I'm gonna use my

heat gun it's not close enough okay I'm


and I put the heat shrink on and if you

look closely I don't know if I could get

it to focus let you look around the slip

right here and you have to see where the

glue see where the glue adhered to it

and also around here down by the bottom

of the wires where they blew it here to

the wires okay there's no way this is

coming apart it's still a little hot but

I could tug and I could pull there it

ain't coming apart so this is the route

I'm gonna go and you've seen everything

it takes it takes the three quarter inch

heat shrink it takes the caps and it

takes the little crimps so there you go

hope you enjoy the video have a great