How to cut thick wire

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hey you to the future 820 just

demonstrating how I cut my wire what you

see here is new concepts

ofc why not this is execution audio CCJ

why not and we got some for out wedding

cable now this is new concept and this

is the fluoride as you see fits inside

of the wires a lot thicker I'll show you

how easy it is to cut what I'm using

here today is a 10 inch cable cutter you

can find one of these at Home Depot or

Harbor Freight or any local hardware

store Harbor Freight has these for seven

bucks $6.99 and you'll definitely use

this more than once

you know you'll definitely get your

money's worth

so show you how easy it is to strip the

wire just like so

just rip in the wire no strands out in

the cladding strands that's the new

concept ftq audio just kind of go around

a little bit

lift those strands out there we go the

Faurot same procedure kind of go around

a little bit

and uh state first you gotta you know

play with the fluoride a little bit

there's a lot thicker

Plus this has a little jacket inside to

protect the wire so still off France I

count it for using the 10 inch cable

cutter that's stripping it let me show

you cutting it all you have to do is 1/2

those friends slowly first everything is

cut smooth now like I said this is the

as you see it looks kind of a silver

color that's because it's tinned copper

this is new concepts ofc I wouldn't use

two units but it is a little thicker if

you see no loose hands every strand is

cut and once again like I said this is

for rocks as you see this is for over

zero or zero gauge now for knife or gate

for zero gauge this is zero gauge here

and this goes inside of the wire the

whole shielding is pretty much the same

size both new concept and execution

oddity of our table plus wire is the

same as wire along I'm gonna show you

how easy it is

yeah they're working a little bit used

to have


as I said it's a little bit more work

this is a thicker gauge so as you see

same thing smooth no cuts no loose

strands and that's all by just using

this one tool no extra blades no extra

tools needed ten inch cable cutter and

hope you thought this video useful and I

said tool comes in in handy this is for

out wire pure welding pure copper you

can see the strands here here copper

strands seven dollar tool because with

ease this is a big 320 thanks for