Cutting 6mm steel plate using a jigsaw

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well edit the star hi I'm Richard grant

alum at the Reading Hat space which is

an awesome facility and I'm going to do

a quick demo on using a jigsaw to cut

metal this is a jigsaw normal jigsaw you

can see here it's running at about 4 out

of 6 over 3/4 speed and there is ZERO

kick or a certification on the blade in

here I have a bi-metal fairly fine tooth

blade metal blade and for this process

we're going to use a bit of copper

grease on a stick and we're going to

lubricate the blade this will help stop

it overheating there you go now safety

goggles quite Fulton ear defenders

because it's loud I'm going to give it a

cut we'll see what happens we have a

hole here pre drill

as you can see quite noisy there's a

really good process be about three or

four minutes to do the whole lot with

live a bit more now


now one thing one thing I would wonder

they all would say is don't force the

play let the blade do the cutting make

sure it's lubricated and don't run it

too far

slow and steady good results let's keep



I think that'll do for the demo thanks

for watching and we'll finish yourself

later Cheers