How To Cut Porcelain Tile-using a tile cutter

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okay so what we have here is we have a

wheel on this tile cutter and this is a

snap and score tile cutter so we're

going to score and then we'll snap it

down and what what the key is to this is

this wheel right here I usually go with

a bigger wheel most of the time that

cuts most of the tile some of the

ceramics you want to use a little

smaller wheel wheel that has a sharper

edge you can go online and kind of check

this out and see what different style

wheels there are and what they're used

for they'll be a description you can

kind of go to the different tile

manufacturers that just go to a tile

contracting website where they sell tile

supplies and go through the tile cutter

section and you can look these wheels up

but anyway so with this I just line my

mark up on each side and if just in case

it's crooked I come back to make sure my

wheel lines up with the other mark if I

need to adjust it a little then I just

move it and then I just do a quick score

and I don't press down super hard with

the scoring part and then I just do a

quick snap and it snaps right off these

cuts are next to the tub and I told you

that the tub kind of curves a little bit

and most tubs do so that's what this one

did but a lot of times you be able to

use this part of it as a set being

square so when you stick that tile in

there you can get yourself a straight

cloud now this is the vent now this is

the part of the vent that notches out

here's the wall now I'm going to bring

this outside and cut it with the grinder

but I'm going to cut this first so I

don't have as much grinding to do

now you can see is all I have left is

this knotch

and I'll do the same thing with this

piece right here here's my vent and this

is the mark where that comes down the

wall that's the only part of the wall it

comes on the rest of this just is blank

it's where the vent goes so I'm just

going to line it up with that mark right

there and just cut straight through I

see what's left and like I said these

lines will just come right off so

nothing to worry about if you have a

non-porous tile make sure you

double-check down on a scrap piece

though you might need to use a pencil

but most of time a permanent marker

works really well for marking tile