How To Lose Weight Fast 5kgs In 7 Days - Full Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss - Lose Weight Fast-Day 1

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hey guys amnesia homie and welcome back

to my channel you guys asked for a

seven-day diet plan to lose weight fast

so starting today I'll be sharing a

seven day meal plan for weight loss a

full diet plan for the entire week to

help you lose weight and by the end of

the week you will be lighter have less

bloating and will have more energy this

seven-day diet plan will help you to

change your lifestyle give you more

ideas on how to prepare home-cooked

healthy food with easily available and

inexpensive ingredients this is a

refined sugar free diet plan so

challenge yourself to wean off from

sugar for the entire week and following

my recipes will help you a lot in the

transition to a much healthier sugar

free lifestyle also note that I'm not

using any refined oil or processed food

in this diet plan the oil I'm using is

unrefined coconut oil and desi ghee

however you can use any unrefined oil

locally sourced from the place you live

in I have customized this plan and taken

care of nutritional requirements and

also included morning and bedtime drinks

that will boost your metabolism also

Stoke up some fresh fruits as you will

be snacking on them for a week instead

of junk fruit include 30 to 40 minutes

of exercise like walking or yoga so

let's get started with a diet plan start

your day with cinnamon tea cinnamon

helps to burn stomach fat and also helps

to boost your metabolism i have already

shared cinnamon tea recipe links will be

updated in the description box below for

breakfast i'm serving a quick and easy

filling and protein-rich paneer spread

on a slice of brown bread and half an

apple simply great 50 grams of paneer

and mix it with one and a half

tablespoon of oil free weight loss green

chutney spread the paneer mix on a slice

of brown bread and for an Indian flavour

sprinkle chaat masala on top and some

more grated paneer serve this with half

an apple and breakfast is ready so easy

to make on those busy mornings oil free

green chutney links will be updated in

the description box below so please do

check it out remember to keep your

and hydrated by drinking plenty of water

or you can have my infused water instead

all the recipe links ingredients tips

and suggestions will be updated in the

description box below as a mid-morning

snack have half a banana for lunch have

turmeric oats the healthy fats in fresh

coconut along with the whole odds will

keep you satiated till your next meal

turmeric oats is a very filling tasty

and easy lunch to make as an evening

snack have a handful of roasted peanuts

peanuts has healthy fats much needed for

that energy dip if you prefer to have

tea or coffee you can have milk tea or

coffee but without any added sugar

dinner should be hand by 7:00 p.m. and

if you are commuting from work please

plan ahead I'm serving a low-carb

healthy salad mixed with boiled chana

and sweet potato served on a lettuce

leaf and that means no roti or rice for

dinner sweet potato has healthy carbs

and proteins and they will help you to

keep you fuller for a longer time sleep

is an important factor in this diet plan

so try to sleep by at least 10:30 and as

a bedtime drink have my ginger tea it

will help you to boost your metabolism

and cleanse your body while you sleep

note that it is important that you drink

plenty of water avoid fried fruits and

no sugar for the entire week also

include 30 to 40 minutes of exercise to

get maximum benefits from this diet plan

so see you tomorrow with another full

day diet plan until then take care