Cutting 55 gal drum (to make it shorter )

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okay this is where the seam comes over

this work gets flat again we're just

free handed out with a marker won't be

that big a gap twenty-one inches so

we're taking this lunch off the barrel

by the third the barrel is about thirty

three and a half tall we're taking off


12 and three-quarter inches tall

it's not quite a third off so males can

do the math but that's the site they

like like this rib but won't be exactly

in the middle when we build the door and

we may Center the door on it or not

worry about it okay off to work we'll

get it cut I'll show you a couple

pictures what it looks like when you use

the thin 60 grit cutter blade which is

the easier is using a 40 so that's the

size I like for ten stuff and thick both

actually it's a 60 grit I can't tell you

the width right now but I'll snap a

picture of the desk okay back to work

okay we're just doing a test fit they

have a den over here let's do a little


it'll be towards the back anyway here's

the scene so we kind of be on the back

side we'll do a little bodywork we're

not gonna do no fancy stuff eating up

with the torch and we're just gonna

hammer it out

and hard to get on it with one hand but

snap a couple photos of that to close up

get ready to wire well this baby on 25

thousands wire with MIG welder so wish

me luck

this is I can't remember the gauge I'll

put it in the description I really can't

tell you right now I have a road down

somewhere well it'll be in description

what gauges it's like thirty thousand

stick at that help 22 gauge that sound

right it'll be in the description look

for it