Advanced miter saw techniques (Easiest way to cut angles)

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welcome to sawdust in wood this is Chris

today I'm going to teach you advanced

miter saw techniques so I've got

previous videos where I show you

formulas to to figure out angles you use

angle finder and it's normally 180 minus

the angle divided by 2 and it shows you

where to sit you might have saw 2 today

I'm going to show you a really easy way

to take any angle divided by 2 and cut

it there's no more math than that it's

just divided by 2 or you can just say I

need a 30 degree angle and just come on

the sole and put it on 30 and make your

cut but to do that you need to

understand that zero on your saw is

actually 90 it's actually a 90 degree

cut it's a right angle and I'm going to

show you a chart that's really gonna

help you understand it and then we're

gonna do two examples ok so this is how

you need to start reading your miter saw

and I put some tape on here some people

would just scratch out over these

numbers and write these numbers because

they don't even want to reference these

anymore once they learn this trick so if

90 is actually 0 5 is 85 on down the

line and 45 and 45 are true and anyone

who's ever cut to 45 in me to 90 know

what I'm talking about because you go

down further and say ok well I need an

80 degree angle and then you cut to 40s

thinking that 240 degree angles are

gonna give you a 80 degree cut but it's

really not it gives you a hundred degree

angle too cuz it's really 50 so you want

to make it a hundred degree cut when you

thought you were making a 80 degree cut

here's the first pre-built angle for

example number one y'all know how I like

to do I like to cut angles put them

together with two by fours show you the

angle and show you how to cut it on the

saw so here we go let's see what the

angle finder is showing 120 degree angle

alright all you got to do with this way

is 120 divided by 2 is 60

okay we're over to the miter saw now so

we need a sixty to sixty degree angles

to make 120 so we know zero is actually

90 we know 10 is actually 80/20 is 70

and 30 is 60 and that's our cut so we're

gonna move the miter saw over 230 right

on the money

clamp it down and that is going to be a

60 degree angle we're gonna cut two

angles right here all right so I got two

pieces of wood I'm gonna put a 60 degree

angle on this side a 60 degree angle on

this side and it's gonna make a 120

degree angle it's a nod to saengil got

my first 60 degree cut switch over to 30

let's go back to the angle we have built

and see how it matches up all right

we're back to a 120 degree angle right

here I'm gonna put the trim on the

inside because I got a screw right here

when I screw the saying all together

Scottie in the week put our first piece

in our second piece in my fits perfect

all I did was take 120 degrees divided

by 2 and I got 260 degree cuts let's

move on to our next example 50 degree

angle you knew I was gonna throw in a

hard angle to cut a lot of people have

messaged me lately and are trying to cut

stars for Christmas and they are really

struggling with making these cuts so I'm

gonna show you how to do that so 50

degree angle you need a 25 degree cut

here and a 25 degree cut here just a

vibe 50 into 2 let's get to it all right

so we're back on the salt and we need to

make 225 degree cuts to make that 50

degree angle so let's count backwards 90

remember the zero is 90 everything goes

backwards we count down as we go

backwards 90 80 70 60 50 40 I can't get

to 25 degrees on my saw the sharpest

angle I can cut is a 40 degree on this

side and a 30 degree on this side cuz

this side goes to 60 and I need a 25

degree cut all right so we established

we need a 50 degree angle divided by 2

is 25

we need 225 degree angles to make the 50

degree angle when we counted back for 90

starting at 0

we could not get to 25 so this song

cannot cut a 25 degree angle as it is

I'm gonna teach you how to make a jig on

your saw to cut acute angles it's really

easy so you come over to you song and I

have this board clamped tightly against

the fence down

that's gonna be my jig I'm gonna come

the 45 on my saw block it make this

alright and when I move this saw back to

0 or 90 should I see and this is back at

90 I'm actually cutting a 45 degree cut

I'll give you a quick example we're at 0

which is 90 this is a 45 degree cut if I

put a piece of wood right here line it

up on my jig and cut it's gonna cut 45

degrees so to get to 25 degrees all I

have to do now with this jig zero is

gonna be 45 and I'm a cow backwards so I

get to 25 45 35 25 so 20 degrees is

gonna give me a 25 degree cut with my

jigging place saw is locked down now

I'll put the camera up and make these

cuts alright so we got our jig in place

with the jig zero is 45 we counted

backwards to 20 45 minus 20 gives you 25

and we need to 25 degrees cuts so I'm

gonna cut that right here put this right

on my

125 degree cut 225 degree cuts this

should be a perfect 50 degree angle

let's go check it all right here here is

our instructional piece it's a 50 degree

angle and here the two pieces we just

cut we'll put that on hold it down I'm

holding the camera too but I hold it

that's perfect

50 degree angle cut with the jig when

you saw 50 minus 2 is 25 degrees you

make 225 degree cuts you can cut it with

no problem thanks for watching today I

hope I showed you a new way how to cut

angles there's links in the description

below to all my previous videos where I

show other ways to cut all these angles

using the miter saws numbers as they

appear this is my personal favorite way

to do it because I can just divide

whatever angle I have into to and it

gives me my cut it's really easy just to

count backwards start at zero on your

saw call that 90 and then count

backwards and if you get in a cute angle

you just make this quick and easy jig

and you can cut angles really easy

thanks for watching please subscribe

like and have a Merry Christmas