How To Cut 60 Degree Angle on Miter Saw (Other Angles Too!)

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you've been trying to use your Microsoft

to cut a 60-degree angle and you

discover it doesn't have that let me

show you a trick how you can use your

miter saw with its 45-degree angles to

cut it's a 60 degree angle welcome to

tomahawk DIY everyone I'm Mike

let's take a look you're coming on along

on a project and need to cut a sixty

degree angle but what do you do

you've only got 45 degrees well there's

a pretty simple trick that will make

this happen I'm taking a scrap piece of

wood I'm gonna cut a 30-degree angle

here let me adjust this thirty degrees


this little jig is gonna be our friend

yeah we have this cut at 30 degrees you

come back and just chop it off we've got

our 30 degree block here we're set at 30

degrees now we can line our up now I got

a 60 degree angle right there so he

isn't that piece I just cut three boards

60 degree angles at each end

and you can see it makes a nice triangle

thanks so much for watching so I could

show you the trick on how you can cut a

60-degree angle with your miter saw that

goes up to 45 degrees if you found this


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