How To Cut Any Angle With a Miter Saw!

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hi guys i'm rachel in for queen bee of

honeydew's and today i wanted to tell

all of you beginner woodworkers out

there that you can cut a steep angle

with your miter saw if your miter saw

only goes to 45 degrees that's not a big

deal don't worry about it there are ways

that you can cut and all you need is a

piece of 4x4 and all you need to do is

cut one angle to 45 degrees and one

angle to 30 degrees let's say that you

want to cut a 70 degree angle and your

miter saw only goes to 45 well let's

start with the math 90 degrees minus the

70 degrees that you want is 20 now take

whichever faceplate you're gonna

whichever whichever side of the jig

you're gonna use if you're gonna use the

45 degree angle then you're gonna take

45 minus 20 which leaves 25 so now set

your miter saw to 25 degrees using your

jig your 45-degree jig and you will have

a 70 degree angle cut if you use the 30

degree angle and you set it at zero it

will give you a 60 degree cut in that

nate and you don't need any fancy jig

you can just make one out of the 4 by 4

one thing one very important thing you

will be in the danger zone when you make

these cuts so watch your fingers and if

you cut one off please don't blame me