How to cut over 45 degrees on your miter saw!

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welcome to sawdust and wood

I got a previous video where I go over

how to cut out two sangil's and we even

cut a 90 degree angle but I want to

answer some questions because I think

there's a lot of confusion when you

start cutting angles less than 90

degrees because most miter saws only go

to 50 degrees or 45 degrees my miter saw

has 60 on this side and 50 on this side

so today I'm going to show you how to

cut acute angles less than 90 degrees on

the miter saw here I have a pre-built

angle I did just for demonstration

purposes you can see it I ever put

together I have my angle finder on it

and the angle is 50 degrees so let's see

how we would do the math to calculate

this angle you don't just split 50 and

get 25 and put 25 on your miter saw

you're gonna make a bad cut so you take

180 minus 50 equals 130 130 divided by 2

equals 65 so we need to 65 degree cuts

so let's walk over to my saw and you'll

see on the left side I only go to 50 and

on the right side I want to go to 60 I'm

gonna show you right now how to set your

saw to make a 65 degree cut so we own

the miter saw got a block of wood this

is going to be my jig I got clamps you

don't have clamps on your sword you can

some people will just get some regular

clamps and clamp it to the back here

but I have a disk lamp on my sauce so

I'm gonna get it on the wood tight make

sure it's against the back real good now

what I'm going to do is come over to 45

degrees with my soul and I'm gonna make

that cup right here 45 degrees okay put

the saw back to zero degrees now let's

get the wood for my angles okay so I

wrote this out so everyone could

understand this here's my jig 45 cut

slot down right where my saw cuts 45

it's on the money so at 0 degrees where

I'm at right now that will actually give

me a 45-degree cut I'll put my wood in

like this lined up where my jig and cut

and it's the same as you move over 5 is

gonna be 50 degrees 10 on the saw

there's gonna be 55 and so on so we said

we needed a 65 degree angle

it's 265 degree cuts so we're going to

move this all over to 20

lock it down on 20 I will put the board

right up and gets the jig we're at 20

degrees I'm gonna make a cut I'm gonna

put the camera because I'm holding the

camera with my hand and I can't make

this cut the right way

okay I'm back now I got the board

against my jig and I got the sauce say

that 20 which is actually 65 and I need

two cuts right here to make my angle

let's go ahead and get these cuts and

then check it out

here's how two cuts line up so we took a

50 degree angle

here's your math 180 minus 50 equals 130

130 divided by 2 equals 65 and that is

how you cut angles less than 90 degrees

easy way to do it with any miter saw

let's make yourself a jig just like this

you could even cut turn turn the saw put

a long board across here and then cut

another 45 here and leave this board

clamp to and then you could cut both

ways on your jig you wouldn't have to

flip the board over thanks for watching

I hope you learn how to cut angles less

than 90 degrees today

make a jig on you miter saw please hit

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tuned for more videos thanks