How To Cut a Bevel Greater Than 45 Degrees | Easy Jig with a Free Plan

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today I'm building a jig that will allow me to rip a bevel that's greater than 45 degrees

if you want to download the free plan for this jig the link is in the

description let's start by building the basic structure and then we'll tune it

and talk about how it works

so the jig is basically put together I've got a few things to do to finish it

up and I'll show you those in just a second I need to rip a 50 degree bevel

across a wide piece of stock and the problem is the table saw in the circular

saw will only tilt to 45 degrees I need to figure out how to get that extra 5

degrees if I put my workpiece against the ramp and push it up this will cut a

45 degree bevel into the end of this workpiece so to get my 50 degree bevel I

just tilt the circular saw another five the 45 plus the 5 is 50 so there a

couple things I need to finish and a couple of things that I need to tune

right now this ramp is just sitting in here and I need to tune it up so that

when the workpiece is in there it's actually in fact at a 45 degree angle I

also need to put these guides on and these are gonna help the circular saw

make the exact same cut every time I left the right side of this table a

little bit wide so that when everything is set up that first cut with the

circular saw will show us right where the blades gonna be so one improvement I

need to make to this is the left side of this table you can see that it is not

well supported and it bounces around I can't have this bouncing around as I'm

trying to make a cut so what I'm gonna do to fix that is take a scrap piece of

wood and I'm gonna turn it up on its edge so that it's in a quarter sawn

orientation and use that as a brace and hopefully that will keep that side supported

before I attach these guides the first cut I'll likely make is with this guide

because what I need to do is make sure that the circular saw is perfectly lined

up so that it cuts on the edge of the work piece as it registers with the top

and tuning this is likely going to be a little bit finicky because I need the

ramp to be perfectly parallel to the cut of the circular saw and I also need it

to be at exactly a 45 degree angle and reference to the tabletop so that when I

make a cut it's even all the way across the width of the word piece and it's

Square to the end of the workpiece

I was able to get this ramp really close to 45 degrees it was about half a degree

off but I'm ok with that given the margin of error in marking the

angle and transferring it and measuring it the most important thing is that the

cut is really nice it goes almost to the very edge of the workpiece which is

great because I can put a piece in there and make a cut and it's still the same

length as it was when I put it in there it's just got a bevel down also the edge

is even all the way down which means that the cut is nice and perpendicular

to the ramp the jigs all finished and tuned up now I just need to get my saw

to 5 degrees now there's no mark telling me where 5 degrees is so I'm gonna have

to measure it make some test cuts get it all dialed in and then I can rip a 50

degree bevel in my final work pieces I

wanted to mention that most of the time the cut off will kick back into the side

of the jig it doesn't cause a problem but it can be pretty startling at first

just be careful and try to keep your saw as straight as possible

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the free plan is down in the description there's also a free download down there

you might find helpful thanks for watching and we'll see you next time