Trick to Cut More Degrees on Your Miter Saw

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hey what's up in this video I'm going to

show you how to cut angles that are more

than your saw allows and that last few

videos I did a video on how to go

downstairs or do crazy angles with panel

molding and a few questions I got were

about how do you get how do you cut a 63

degree angle when your saw for instance

on this one will only do 50 degrees on

the left side and like 65 on the right

side so if you want to get an angle

that's more than then that allows this

is the way I do it I'm sure there's

other ways to do it with table saws or

whatever but I'll just take a block like

this a piece of scrap this is a 1 by 2

and just the size of my saw like the

base and the fence I'll cut it to about

that size

and what I'll do and if you don't want

to I'll glue mine on here I'll just put

some CA glue and if you've seen some of

my other videos I've glued on here

before it doesn't hurt the saw it comes

right off that CA glue it doesn't stick

to the aluminum on here but it does

enough just so you can have something

held down like I did a panel molding

video and offset panel molding video

where I glued a piece just like this on

there and it didn't hurt this all at all

if you don't want to glue on your miter

saw you could probably just clamp this

down somehow and figure out a way like

that so now that this is glued in there

and that's not gonna come off

what you want to do is cut a 45 in both

directions so I'll go 45 to the left and

45 to the right

and you'll get this little piece that

comes out of there and you shouldn't end

up with this kind of pyramid right here

and once you've got that pyramid what

that does I'll show you with this panel

molding these panel moldings are

straight cuts there's no angle on these

they're just straight pieces so what

I'll do is I'll put one in on the right

side and I'll have my my fin set here to

zero it's straight down the line and if

I cut that it leaves me with an angle so

I'll cut the right side I'll do the left

side now now that I'm leave me with

another angle and that angle is 45

degrees on each side so that'll give me

a 90 degree so now that I have this

little jig set up I can get to any

degree I want all you got to do is count

up so I'm at zero if I go over to five

I'm really at 50 because 0 equals 45 at

this point when I got 0 I get a 45

degree cut if I go over to let's say

five degrees I'll lock it down right

there look at the light you can see

where the lights gonna cut it and that's

a 50 degree cut right there and if I

bring it over to 10 degrees it's 55 if I

bring it over to 15 and so on and so

forth 15 degrees if I lock it right

there in 15 degrees that's gonna be 60

degrees and some people were asking how

do you cut 63 degrees this is how you do


you just go to 15 and go over 3 so 60 61


to 63 which is really reading 18 degrees

right here so a 63 degree cut would be

18 on the readout here so I'll go ahead

and cut that when you see how steep of

an angle that that'll let me go down the

stairs now I'll do it on the other piece

so if I just remember to go to 18

that's a 63 degree cut and this is how I

got that to turn down those stairs this

piece came up straight and this one down

the stairs like that and this will go

this can do pretty much any angle we've

ever needed all you need is a block of

wood and some glue or clamps whatever

you want to use so there you have it

that's going to do it for this video and

I will catch y'all next time thanks for

watching and I usually just walk off and

your distance