The Right Way to Cut Crown Moulding - Explained by a Professional

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hi this is Richard again with DFW crown

molding welcome to my curbside shop here

and I just wanted to make a quick video

about the easiest way to cut crown

molding on a miter saw we do this pretty

much every day of the week so I think we

have the best solution for it to give

you the best results this is basically

what it is pretty much you can see what

I've done to my saw is there was already

a pre-drilled hole here so basically

what I did is I I just got a bit and I

made the hole wider I just made it wider

for a for a nut I just went and bought a

nut and a bolt at Ace Hardware and then

I ripped down this block of 2x4 to match

this size it allows me to go in with the

screwdriver into this wood so the

easiest way to cut crown I'll show you a

quick example what's the time you have

crown you know this is the smaller stuff

this three and five-eighths you can hold

it like this but what you want is you

want this flat side of the crown against

the fence and you want this flat side of

the top of the crown against the base of

the saw and like I said with this small

crown you can just cut it but when you

get into bigger crowns and you're trying

to hold it and it's rolling all over the

place or when you're holding the long

piece by yourself it may not be so easy

to just hold it but if you're just doing

small stuff you probably get away with

holding it but even then your cuts maybe

just a little often I don't really think

that's acceptable so what do you do

what's the solution well you just take a

piece of scrap and you kind of just

measure it off just kind of doesn't have

to be exact it's just a

so I got this about the same size as

these two pieces of wood that extend out

so what this is going to do I can adjust

this now however much I need to I can

have it for a small crown or a big crown

coming all the way out here and what

that's going to do once I drill these

two screws into the side of this wood

now what do I do it throw the crown in

there it's ready to go every time

however many cuts I want to make I can

just have it there ready dramatis drill

it in could also do too so now that this

isn't moving this ain't going nowhere

it's drilled in there now I don't even

have to think about my cut you just come

over here my cuts are going to be

perfect every time

so I think that's the the best way to do

it and there's no other way

now go crown the town