Vintage Denim: How to Cut it and Make it Your Own

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everyone I'm Lindsay I'm here with Kyle

today Kyle is our head of design here at

toad & Co and thanks for being here you

bet are we talking about today we are

talking about vintage denim here at Oden

Co we just launched our vintage denim on

the website there Levi's several ones at

Toad we pride ourselves on

sustainability and all things

sustainable and what is more sustainable

than vintage denim and giving them a new

life keeping them out of the landfill

and not even making new product so the

tricky part about vintage denim can be

fit specifically inseam and lucky for us

there's a whole trend happening about

raheem so what we're gonna do today is

show you how to customize your fit we're

gonna do a raw ham cut but that can also

be a little tricky so we're gonna give

you the steps out and make it happen

so the first step is just throwing them

on and cuffing them to get to the right

length you can cut them one of two ways

you can either cuff it to the outside

just get it right to the right spot make

sure and check in the mirror sometimes

the big cuff can be a little distracting

for people so just go ahead and fold it

to the inside it's a little bit more

representative of what its gonna look

like and socal where do you know on your

leg like how weird where do you cut it

is there a specific spot that looks good

on a lot of people I know the whole crop

look is kind of in right now yeah I

would say do whatever makes you feel

comfortable whatever looks good for your

body type some people like a little

shorter some longer but in general just

right above the ankle bone is kind of

like the sweet spot

the next step is after you've got it

cuff double check in the mirror again

make sure it's perfect absolutely

perfect always err on the longer side

you can always cut shorter but you can't

make it longer but once you have it

cuffed take a straight pin or a safety

pin and go ahead and just right at the

fold push it through the fabric through

one layer and then just back out the

other side this will make sure that you

have a nice clean line that we'll use

later for cutting I would recommend

doing it on both sides of the leg so

that you can really make it clean and

straight all right so the next step

you've got them off you got them cuffed

you've got a pinned just go ahead and

unroll the good news is the pins here

will line it up so you can make a nice

straight line

to cut on so just grab a straight edge

pencil line up the two pins but just

make sure you make a nice straight line

that you can use to guide as you cut all

right so next step is you're gonna line

up both legs before we cut so you

actually only need to draw the line on

one of the legs and as long as you line

up correctly you should make a nice

clean cut across both so as you were

lining them up just go ahead and make

sure the leg profile matches up all the

way down smooth it out the back of the

waist should be a straight line it'll

always be a little bit higher than the

front of the waist you do not need to

make the front and back match up that'll

make for an uneven hemline so just let

that sit a little higher make sure both

sides line up and then you're ready to

cut so now is there any tip or trick

when it comes to actually cutting

through the denim just make sure you're

lined up and take it slow

be confident sounds like a inspirational

poster right so when you're done cutting

this can look really really clean but

don't worry just go ahead and start

pulling out the loose edges rubbing it

together a little and it'll look even

better after one wash it'll all kind of

relax and fray out so you just have a

more natural look so when you try them

on just make sure that you like the

length you can always go a little bit

shorter if you have erred on the long

side but get to the right length and

then just make sure to try them on with

a couple different pairs of shoes to

make sure that you like it all right

Karl thanks so much I'm loving the way

these look and I can't wait to get them

into my weekly rotation they look great

and remember you can do it with more

than just denim you can do it with old

military pants you can change denim into

shorts just whatever you can do to keep

apparel out of the landfill all right

well thank you again for showing us all

your tips and tricks and I really hope

this inspires you all to get out there

and shops like a hand


all right

and then as you cut just make sure it's


hold steady and go for it just really go

for it

this is how you do it