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hello and welcome to today's video today

I'm going to show you how you can take

some old jeans like this

I found mine at a local consignment

store and you can turn them into denim

shorts like this so the first thing that

you're gonna want to do is move around

in them make them right up so then they

fit your body in a way that you've

already been wearing them all day long

now you can take a washable marker or

some chalk I like chalk better because

that way if I make a mistake I can

always just take a wet cloth and rub it

off I'm making this first initial

marking lower down where I actually want

my jeans to stop then that way I can

just make adjustments later on now

you're gonna want to take your scissors

some that work obviously you're gonna

want to lay your jeans flat down make

sure it's all buttoned up and zipped up

nothing's in the way that may get cut

and take the pockets out just in case

they are a bit longer now I'm gonna be

cutting them and I'm gonna be cutting

one layer at a time so I don't make any

mistakes and I get a nice clean cut this

first initial cut is basically just to

get all the excess fabric out of the way

then that way we can have a better idea

of where we want our shorts tan

so this is what my shorts end up looking

like after the first cut we're gonna

take off more because I'm not that happy

with the length but I'm just checking to

see if I want to have them cuffed but

rolling them up for me they might be a

little bit too short in the back so I

think that I might just keep them the

stress on the ends once again moving

around in them so they crease and fit to

my body holding up just the front just

so I can get like a nice guideline for a

nice straight line for another marking

so I want to mark mine higher up in the

front and lower down in the back just so

then in the back you can't see my under

ass crack I guess you would call it now

you're gonna want to take the front of

your shorts and cut them separately from

the back because you're gonna want to

make a separate marking for that part so

as you can see here I'm just cutting

right in front of the side seam and then

putting them back on you can see that I

have like this sudden drop off so I'm

gonna make a gradual line down just

enough to cover my under ass crack like

this and you can do that on both sides


so here I'm cutting off one side and

then folding them in half nice and

evenly like this so they're nice and

symmetrical I try them on again and I

don't like how it's so long in the back

right here so I'm folding it under to

get a better idea of where I want them

to end and I'm gonna make anymore

markings and adjustments to my shortest

yeah I'm just taking my marker and

making a straight line down just so I

can get a better idea so this is what my

shorts ended up looking like before I

just stressed them and this is what they

look like after throwing them in the

wash and the dryer and adding some cuts

so if you're interested on how I

distress my jeans I'd be happy to do a

tutorial on how to do so so just leave

me a comment like this video