10 Easy Tips to Cut 500 Calories a Day

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namaste YouTube I'm Saira and welcome

back to my channel this is where I bring

you the latest in food fashion and

fitness with an Indian twist there are

some strategic and easy ways to make

changes into your daily life to really

create long term healthy habits in this

video we're going to talk about 10 ways

to ask 500 calories out of your day

coming up next give you guys an idea it

takes a deficit 3,500 calories to lose

one pound but with some of the easy tips

that we're gonna talk about in this

video you'll be losing weight in no time

tip number one putting your sandwich on

a salad it sounds really strange but

it's actually a very very calorie saving

tip eliminating two big pieces of bread

with mayonnaise can save up to 500

calories and when you order a sandwich

just put the contents of the sandwich on

a bed of greens and here's a power tip

instead of getting dressing get it on

the side so you save the calories from

the dressing as well and there you have

it a meal with five hundred less

calories tip number two skip the chips

and the soda say no to chips and

skipping them actually saves between 160

and 200 calories and for every soda it

can save up to 200 calories these things

really add up if you have something like

that every single day of the week that's

up to a 400 calorie saving right there

tip number 3 skip the coffee drinks and

opt for black mixed coffee drinks have a

ton of calories to give you an idea of

Ronde latte that's unsweetened has over

200 calories so opting out of the high

fat and high calorie mixed coffee drinks

and opting for black really does save

you calories throughout the day and if

you're in the mood for like an iced

coffee instead of opting for a frozen

coffee drink with lots of syrup and milk

and sugar up for a black coffee on ice

it's still taste great but your calories

literally go from hundreds down to two


no thank you I take it back tip number

four cook at home studies have found

that people who cook at home save an

average of around a hundred and forty

calories per meal and if you multiply

that by three meals a day you're talking

about quite a few calories saved and the

reason for that is when you cook at home

you actually control how much fat goes

into the food and how many preservatives

and chemicals go into the food I can

honestly say once I started cooking all

my meals at home prepping my food on the

weekends it really made a big difference

in my diet also I don't deprive myself

of eating out I just save it for a

special occasion once a week so that way

I can really enjoy my meal out with my

friends and family but still managed to

keep the other day's on track by cooking

at home yes even margie found that she

could learn to cook tim will never know

she ruined her first cake tip number

five put your fork down in between bites

that sounds so simple but there was a

recent study by the Journal of American

Dietetics that suggested that people who

actually put their fork down in between

bites eight three hundred fewer calories

than people who did not and that's

simply because you slow down the pace of

your food you enjoy your food more and

basically you just consume less Kirk

miel you ever stop please tip number six

put down your phone during mealtime this

is a really hard one for me and I know

these days with all like a social media

checking Instagram Facebook lunchtime or

breakfast time seems to be the best time

to do that while eating and multitasking

recent study found that people who were

on their phones during mealtime actually

did not have a tendency to remember what

they ate they did not feel as full and

wound-up consumed 200 more calories

throughout the day than someone who was

not on their phone

my advice is leave mealtime to mealtime

and always check your messages or

whatever you need to do on social media


tip number 7 chew gum and drink more

water I know that sounds crazy but there

was a study from the University of Rhode

Island that looked at people who cheat

gum for an hour in the morning they

actually wound up consuming around 67

calories less for lunch and if you

double that once in the morning and once

in the early afternoon before dinner you

can consume nearly 200 less calories

just by implementing a simple technique

as chewing sugarless gum now of course

i'm right back on gum I chewed all day

except at mealtimes when I stick a pee

on my ear I let's call it mother also

drink more water the Journal of human

nutrition found that increasing the

amount of water by 1 to 3 glasses can

actually cut up to 200 calories that you

consume in a day and if you're looking

for some flavored water recipes or ways

to jazz up increasing your water

throughout the day I did an earlier

video on flavored water recipes and I'm

gonna link it in the card above these

are some easy to make flavored water

recipes that you could incorporate in

your daily life and they taste delicious

and they're literally no calories but

full of flavor tip number 8 get between

7 and 8 hours of sleep the Journal of

Clinical Nutrition found that

actually people who slept for hours

consumed 300 more calories than someone

who slept seven to eight hours sleep

deprivation does cause an increase in

appetite and a slowing down of the

metabolism next time anyone you

calories get a few more hours

tip number nine box up 50% the next time

you go out to eat in particular Italian

restaurants American restaurants Chinese

restaurants notice the size of the

portions they're just getting bigger and

bigger and bigger over time on average

some of these restaurants have meals

that consist of over 1,500 calories by

asking a requesting for a box portioning

out 50% putting 50% in the box and

eating the other 50% you can save

yourself up to 750 calories per meal

well Brian this is a very nutritious

lunch tip number 10 go for a walk now

going for a 30-minute walk and have

tremendous benefits it can increase your

metabolism increase the feeling of

well-being but it also burns calories

doing even a 14 to 17 minute mile can

burn between 150 and 160 calories

benefits are actually more than just a

calorie burn you'll feel great and also

it establishes a workout routine

honestly speaking after I had my third

child this was the way I actually got

back into working out once I got the

clearance from my doctor I started going

for a 30-minute walk increased at 45

minutes and then I moved that walk into

the gym and started my workouts again 30

minute walk can have tremendous benefits

and all aspects of life

I hope you enjoyed this video on 10 ways

to cut 500 calories out of your day

doing a combination of these can have a

great impact on creating healthy habits

long-term you have a tip that you found

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