5 Easy Ways to CUT 500 CALORIES Per Day and Kick Start Your Weight Loss in 7 Days

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if we've been trying to lose weight and

you've just not been able to get that

needle moving then today I'm gonna share

with you five simple easy and healthy

ways to cut 500 calories from your

lifestyle and start losing weight

properly right there at home hey

everybody how y'all doing Peter Carvel

you know I love this topic I love

helping people especially beginners

starting their weight-loss journey that

first 7 to 21 days is so important and

unfortunately all the products in the

market are all based around

transformation and it's about giving you

those extreme workouts extreme diets and

most of us just aren't ready for it once

we get started and so today I want to

share with you something really cool and

these are 5 simple ways to cut 500

calories from your lifestyle and

kickstart your weight loss now before we

get going in this video I'm not gonna

talk about why you want to cut 500

calories I'm not gonna talk about if a

gallery is a gallery and all that kind

of stuff ok we will leave that for

another day today I just want to share

these 5 simple ways to cut 500 calories

but these 5 ways is gonna be different

to what anybody else has ever told you

why because how you get into a calorie

deficit is very important yes if you

just want to lose weight and it's all

about aesthetics a calorie is a calorie

but if you care about building a healthy

strong and great looking body which is

what I'm all about then how you get into

a calorie deficit is extremely important

and these 5 ways will improve your

health will provide you of more energy

and it will continue to make sure you

stay in a calorie deficit so you

continue losing weight just know this

one of the dumbest ways to try and lose

weight is just to continue cutting your

calories cutting your calories cutting

your calories until you on some kind of

stupid 700 calorie a day eating plan you

exercise for two hours a day and you

can't shift the weight anymore because

you've destroyed your metabolism along

with so many other things and you never

want to get yourself into that position

so always try and stay in that average

or moderate calorie deficit of about 20

to 25 percent once you get started so

let's start with the first one the very

first one is two

increase your neat neat stands for

non-exercise activity thermogenesis and

this simply means all the calories you

burn that's not directly related to your

workout or exercise so this simply means

increasing your activity throughout the

day going for a walk during lunch waking

up and taking a dog for a walk or if you

can cycling to working back stuff like

that and guys this can easily burn that

extra 500 calories a day without even

trying and if you have a fitness tracker

these days it makes it so simple to make

sure you increase your non-exercise

activity throughout the day so the first

thing you can do is just outside of your

workout and exercise or even if you

haven't even started working out and

exercising yet just increase your daily


the second thing guys is to cut the

unhealthy calories from the fluids you

take in you already have heard about

this one probably a million times but

guys it's so easy to get five six even a

thousand calories in from drinking

sugary drink fruit juices the wrong

kinds of coffees who have cream on top

and all that kind of things okay by just

substituting that for healthier versions

which should be mostly water and healthy

juices and teas and maybe a black coffee

here and a you can cut out 500 calories

from your lifestyle without even trying

so just be aware of that and as you go

through the day

maybe check what's in the back of that

bottle or the fruit juice sometimes

fruit juices you might think it's

healthy but it's just as bad and full of

sugars as any other fizzy drink so the

second thing is be aware that you can

easily drink yourself fat but even worse

drink yourself into an early grave

because all that sugars is also

extremely unhealthy for you so this is a

double whammy you're gonna get rid of a

lot of calories but also a lot of

unhealthy calories and improve your

health at the same time the third one is

to simply skip one of your meals

preferably breakfast or dinner that

might get you of you into all of this

into a bit more of an intermittent

fasting protocol I'm not going to talk

about the health benefits of that but

skipping one of your meals can easily

cut 500 calories from your lifestyle

however guys remember

I spoke about this earlier the dumbest

thing you can do is just cutting more

and more and more calories especially

from your diet so if you're already on a

500 calorie diet or a thousand calorie

diet do not take out more nutrients from

staking out a meal out of your eating

plan rather use one of the other

strategies that we're talking about here

but if you're already eating 5 6 7 meals

a day then just cutting out one of those

meals can easily help you to get into

that calorie deficit the next one is one

it's also so easy to do and that is to

cut out or replace unhealthy sources

with healthier things like spices and

lemon juice and other things that can

actually bring nutrient value to your

meals and make it taste better at the

same time but guys if you put stuff like

mayonnaise on your salad still and

ketchup here and there you can very

quickly rack up 500 calories a day so

replacing that with healthy and fresh

spices and herbs and lemon juice and

some healthy vinegars you can easily

remove 500 calories from your eating

plan and improve your health once again

at the same time but also make sure your

food continues to be healthy and tasty

and then finally guys something I really

enjoy doing is replacing one of my meals

with a juice okay I will put it in the

top right hand corner I'll put a recipe

or link to you to my juice recipe that

went viral here on YouTube very healthy

very good but replacing one of your

meals wofford juice can potentially and

I say potentially because sometimes some

juices can be extremely high in calories

so you need to make sure that the juice

you take isn't even higher in calories

than your meal but what I love about a

juice once a day is that it gives you

this concentrated shot of all these

nutrients in all those vegetables and

fruits that you might put in there and

on top of that it also gives your

digestive system a little bit of a break

which is always a good thing so there

you go guys those are five very simple

ways to cut 500 calories from your

lifestyle but do so in the right way so

that you can improve your fitness

improve your health and make sure you

build a healthy straw

and great-looking body without getting

to a point where you destroy your

metabolism feel like crap but hey we've

got six perhaps that's not the way you

want to get to now guys one thing that

we need to chat about here before I say

goodbye today in daddies don't do all of

them at the same time you can do maybe

one or two of them or maybe just focus

on one but you don't all of a sudden

want to find yourself in an 80% to a

thousand or 2,000 calorie deficit okay

that will backfire eventually so make

sure you stay in that moderate calorie

deficit week after week and then every

now and then play a round of your carbs

play around a few calories like we do on

any of my challenges to make sure we

just Stoke at metabolism make sure your

hormones is optimized etc etc but the

reason I want to show you this is just

for those people who are just starting

out and you might be struggling and not

really knowing how to get themselves in

a calorie deficit just to get that

needle moving in the first seven to 21

days and then finally guys if you've

been wondering okay so how would I

combine all of this to really kickstart

my fat loss I've got something that I

want to give you guys free of charge and

that is my seven day fat loss kickstart

program and you can come and sign up for

it 100% free of charge for seven days at

six weeks six babcom forward slash

kickstart seven and you can sign up

there and I will take you through a

seven day fat loss kickstart and every

day I tell you exactly what you need to

do to really make sure you kick-start

your fat loss properly without doing

dumb stuff that will destroy your

metabolism and your health so there you

go guys I know there are so many other

ways to get into a calorie deficit but I

just wanted to provide you five simple

ones that anybody can do but as always

let's have a chat put your comments in

the comments box and as always guys if

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so much for watching I will see in the

next one remember have fun out there and

keep it simple bye bye