500 Calories a Day Diet Results-17 lbs, 5 Days, 3 People

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hi everyone dr. Becky here with dr.

Becky Fitness comm I'm a college

instructor of the science of nutrition

and over the past five days my family

did an experiment where we ate just 500

calories a day

for five days the results were quite

amazing over those five days the three

of us in total lost 17 pounds my husband

lost 9.2 our 20 year old daughter lost

two and a half and I lost five and a

half now those are fast weight loss

results but I will tell you eating 500

calories a day is no magic weight-loss

pill it takes a lot of effort and if

you're going to do this you need to do

it in a smart way I have the complete

plan that we followed over on my website

you can follow that and read that but I

will tell you it's not the same thing as

being medically supervised which is

definitely the recommended route here if

you find that you are physically able to

take on this challenge then here are a

couple of things that are going to help

you through it

first of all you have to go for the most

volume and the most neutrik nutritious

foods that means that foods like soup

salad and stir-fry made without oil are

going to be in your future these foods

have a lot of vegetables which adds a

lot of volume to your meals so it's

going to fill your stomach they also

have a lot of vitamins and minerals the

nutrients going through your system are

going to help convince your body and

your brain that everything is okay so

that's going to keep your hunger and

cravings away two meals we cut out

breakfast the logic was that splitting

our calories between two meals allowed

us to fill our stomachs with more food

at a time and also the act of eating

will stimulate your appetite so we only

wanted to go through that appetite

stimulation twice a day instead of three

times a day have a plan and prepare

ahead of time I spent four hours in the

kitchen on Sunday preparing all of the

food for the week then I took the meal

plan that we were going to follow posted

it up on the refrigerator had all the


pounds we were all ready to go you can

find that meal plan over at our over at

the website but basically you don't want

to be thinking about what you can eat

halfway through the week after that you

and arrow I have everything in place

it's really down to a mental game you

have to have a good reason to be doing

this there's got to be that motivation

in order to get through the five days

but if you do then you really can get

some pretty fabulous results if you

would like the meal plan that we

followed you can go over to my website

and get that for free dr. Becky Fitness

comm / 500 calories it has the recipes

that we've followed and has the complete

grocery list you can just take to the

store has all the calorie counts

everything that you need to try your own

500 calorie a day diet thanks for