How to cut 5" squares - Quilting Tips & Techniques 001

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hello today I'm going to show you how I

cut five inch squares from a piece of

fabric a fall with piece of fabric so

I'm going to use the markings on my

board to help me with this so the fabric

is is the full width as you can see but

I folded it it's in half and then in

half again so that's now only quarter

the width of the fabric and I'm going to

lay this on my board and as I said I'm

going to use the markings on the board

and I'm going to line up that fold and

make sure that my selvage is on the

folder even at this end and I'm going to

look just do a little trim first so that

I can make sure that I'm getting a nice

straight edge on both sides of my strip

so I'm going to cut a five inch strip

from this piece and I've lined up so

that my markings above and beyond a

level and I'm going to trim that little

tiny edge off so that now I've got a

nice straight edge here then I'm going

to use again the markings on the board

and I'm going to count out my five

inches because I'm doing a five inch

strip and marking making sure that my

ruler is straight each end of the fabric

and then I'm going to cut through that

and I'm going to then have a nice five

inch wide strip the full width of the

fabric so I would probably use about

four fabrics and I would those all

together to then cut them into squares

so now I'll go to the ironing board so

when I'm ironing my strips ready for

cutting I like to lay them out full

length and as you can see I have a

wonderful ironing board and then I lay

the next strip on top exactly on top and

I iron that one as well

and by ironing them each time this gives

them a nice flat together nice and I

would take another strip now I might

position for fabrics and cut them all at

once maybe not any more than four

because after that they can start to

move and your squares won't be so square

when you cut them so this is my fourth

February which I'm just laying on top

and ironing and now I have that all

ready for cutting into square so I'll

they'll take that strip another what X

just as one strip and take that

back to the cutting board to cut into

squares so now I'm bringing my strips

back to my cutting board and again I'm

lining up my strip along the markings of

the board I will set my ruler and my

cutter and first of all I'm going to get

rid of the salvages on the end so I'm

going to line it up so that they're just

just beyond the first marking on the

board and I'm going to trim the soldiers

off and then I'm going to count along

five inches and I'm going to cut again

and I'm going to count along another

five inches and so on till I get to the

end of the strip and then I will have a

whole selection or beautiful five inch

squares and the strip will be longer

than your board so when you get to the

end of the strip you may find you want

to just bring that further on and line

it up again with your line there and

along the lines of the board and again

counting your five inches until you get

right to the end of the strip and your

head a little bit left over which is

always very useful for all sorts of

other small projects but in the meantime

you have a very nice collection of five

inch strips and you can get eight

five-inch squares across one width of

the fabric thank you