How To Water Cut | Lose 10+ lbs in ONE Day

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we need some outside universal threat

and make us recognize this common bound

if we were facing an alien threat from

outside this one what is going on you

guys so today we're going to talk about

water cutting my specific routine on how

I water cut and some tips to help you be

successful on your water cut so let's

get into it

so the technique I'm about to talk to

you guys about it's literally how I lost

over ten pounds in just one day and it

starts over a course of a couple days

it's a cycling down process of your

water intake so say five days out this

is what I do you start with two gallons

of water fourth day out you're going

down to a gallon and a half third day

out you go down to a gallon second day

out you go into a half gallon and the

last day when you're trying to lose as

much weight as possible

you take sips only as needed and what

this is done it's taught your body how

to get rid of water so since your body

is now adapted to taking less water over

a little corsa period of time it's able

to adjust and the water is not coming in

so it's now up to you to use specific

techniques to get the water that's

that's left in your system out of it so

this process cycling down it's teaching

your body how to hold less water and now

what we're going to do is take the water

that's stuck in your system and really

force it out of there and that's really

going to help you lose literally over

ten pounds in just one remaining day and

this is definitely not healthy it's not

sustainable but it's a water cut and

it's mainly for people who trying to

weigh in for some kind of competition

because you will gain this weight ass

back as soon as you start drinking and

eating again so like I said this is not

sustainable but it is a very great

strategy if you need to lose weight very

fast so now that you've taught your body

to rid itself of water and they're

slowly dehydrated yourself over a course

of a couple days what we're going to

focus on out is not retaining water so

what you have to do with your diet is

you have to really cut back on sodium

and salty foods sodium salt retain water

so the more you can cut those out of

your diet the less water that you

actually sip on will be retained and

that's very crucial because every little

bit of water can add on those very

little bit of pounds

and now that our water intake is very

minimal and we are focused on not

retaining water that we do intake what

our focus point now is going to be on

truly dehydrating our body as much as

possible so now we're going to get into

some specific techniques on how to

dehydrate yourself and really rid your

system of all its water so the first

technique we'll get into is one of my

personal favorites because you can do it

consistently throughout the day it's

actually pretty disgusting but it's very

effective and it's simply spitting into

a cup you're literally spitting out your

water weight and when your mouth goes

dry you pack another piece of gum maybe

some sunflower seeds don't eat the seed

though and just consistently spit

throughout the day and that's going to

help you rid some fluids out of your

mouth out of your system it's very gross

I've literally filled up an entire water

bottle before but that's because I'm so

used to drinking so much water that

there's a lot already in my system so

you literally spit out and that can

literally change may probably around 3

pounds just by spitting I pack I weigh

myself before and after just spitting

and it's literally come around 3 pounds

so it makes a big difference from just

doing a minor thing and a second very

effective method but you have to be

careful with it because it can be

dangerous because you can literally lose

over 6 pounds in just one session is

going into the sauna or the steam room

with just the intention of losing water

weight and what you do by this is you're

literally sweating out you're opening

your pores you're sweating everything

out and this is can be very dangerous

because if you're in too long you can

literally pass out so you really have to

be time aware and keep yourself safe but

what you can do what some people do is

they actually go in a trash bag and go

in the sauna because it's actually

attracting more heat or people go in

full clothes some people like to workout

fully clothed to sweat more but going

into the sauna where it's a lot of dry

heat is much more effective because

you're gonna really sweat much more now

I definitely would recommend the sauna

over a steam room because like I said

the Sun is dry heat well there's a lot

of moisture in the air when you're into

a lot of steam in the air in a steam

room so you can't really tell how much

sweat is coming off your body because

it's all mixed up in the steam so I

would definitely recommend a sauna for

this method I personally have watched

myself little lose 7 pounds

I suck I try to go in as long as

possible sometimes I'd like to do it in

intervals of ten minutes or something

whatever I can handle like I said you

were only doing sips so your water

intake is very minimal so everything

you're sweating out is not coming back

in so you're really dehydrating your

body as much as possible and this is

really going to help you lose that water

weight fast like I said though it can be

very dangerous so make sure if you use

this method you'd be very careful now a

third technique is actually taking place

while you are asleep and this method

involves room temperature so you can set

your room too hot so you're naturally

sweating while you are sleeping or you

can set your room too cold so you're

shivering producing body heat to

naturally keep yourself more warm which

is going to produce you to actually cut

some water weight overnight and these

two methods they're definitely a little

more extreme

it's definitely only a one night thing

don't think if you do this every night

you're going to lose all that weight you

want to lose but this is definitely a

last minute cut thing so if you're

wearing them in the morning here's a

great method to lose some weight

overnight everyone knows how much your

weight fluctuates throughout the day and

when you weigh in in the morning you

normally lighter they're lighter you

you're normally lighter in the morning

then you are when you go to bed so

here's the method to make yourself extra

light and now another technique you can

use to get rid of some last-minute

weight although I would not recommend

this on the last day is using natural

diuretics so that's like fruits and

veggies caffeinated tea coffee this is

going to help you flush out your system

more and increase your urination so you

can be able to focus on reducing water

retention and this is that's exactly

what a natural diuretic does so I don't

really use this method as often I do

like drinking green tea but like I said

the last day I'm only taking sips so

this is something I'd do more in the

three to five core three to five days in

that five day course lastly a tip I use

if I do happen to eat something on the

very last day because I'm extremely

hungry I really try to go 24 hours

without eating just to really get rid of

everything on my body but if I do happen

to eat something like a banana or

something I will actually weigh myself

with that food in my hand to see how

much of a difference it makes on a scale

now you might think that tip is stupid

but it actually it works because if you

put if you're little

putting that thing in your hand stepping

on the scale it's going to be very

similar to if it's actually in your

system so when you put yourself on that

scale with that food in your hand if it

says up one pound you're probably going

to be up one pound so you have to

understand exactly where your weight is

because it's crucial for your exact

weigh-in date so this is this is a quick

tip not many people actually understand

that method but if you actually hold

that food when you're weighing yourself

it'll give you a better idea of how much

weight you will actually gain if you if

you happen to eat that food so these are

all methods and strategies I use myself

to help me water cut from my paddle if

ting meets now I can I weigh in a whole

24 hours before I compete that's just

what RPS allows you to do so I take full

advantage of I do at one point one at

some point want to transition over to us

APL which are to our ways before so I

may have to change up my methods a

little bit but for now these methods I'd

said are very very effective and I would

highly recommend you incorporate some of

them to your water cuts if you have to

do so but I want again preach that this

met these weight loss methods are not


you can literally lose over 10 pounds in

just 24 hours

I specifically lost around like I think

17 on my last meet I'll put a card up

for my last meet above so you can see

how I did but like I said it's not

sustainable you will gain this way back

as soon as you start eating and drinking


but also for people who are at a lower

body fat percentage if you dehydrate

your body you will actually see some

more muscle definition but again it's

not sustainable it's for specific

purposes so I hope you guys learn

something about water cutting today and

you can incorporate these techniques

into your specific styles of water

cutting and I hope you guys like the

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