These 5 EASY steps helped me lose 5 pounds in ONE week!

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so two videos ago i spoke with you guys

about how i practically gained just

about every pound that i had lost

when i was on a weight loss journey

earlier this year however

after one week of getting myself back on


i have already lost five pounds and i'm

going to show you how in this video


hey guys shamia trial welcome back to my

channel so i'm going to be talking to

you guys about how i've already lost

five pounds in just seven days so i

reached a point in my life where

my metabolism is not as fast as it used

to be i cannot eat things that i used to

eat back in the day

and still stay on target with my weight

goals so i have to follow a specific

routine that i believe is totally doable

and i am going to be sharing with you

guys exactly

how i lost five pounds in one week if

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all right let's hop right into it so the

first thing that i did is reincorporate

intermittent fasting now if you are

trying to lose weight

and you have not tried intermittent

fasting before

says or bro you need to try it it has

seriously been

the best thing that i have ever ever

done for myself

when it comes to losing weight so

intermittent fasting is not specific on

what you eat but when you eat it

i have an entire video dedicated to

intermittent fasting and what i did

earlier this year to help me lose over

20 pounds in one month

using intermittent fasting so if you're

interested in more information about

intermittent fasting make sure that you

check out that video

i will leave it down in the description

box if you're interested intermittent

fasting just

really helps you to break down that fat

and helps you to digest your food so

it's not just sitting in your stomach

like seriously intermittent fasting has

seriously just been my holy grail for

weight loss and i really encourage you

to try it if you haven't tried it before

and you're trying to lose weight

so to piggyback on intermittent fasting

the next thing that i did is i started

to meal prep again

if you know me you know that i am a huge

advocate for meal prepping because

it really really helps you to keep a

structure and routine with your eating

and you have a lot of control over what

you're cooking so that means that you

have the ability to cook a healthy meal

and it's already prepared

you're not indecisive on what you're

going to eat meal prepping is one of

those things that's just really helped

me to stay

on track with my eating i eat two meals

a day

and i eat some type of fruit or healthy

snack in between those meals

because i am intermittent fasting i have

a specific window that i

eat so two meals is completely

appropriate for the window that i set

for myself

when it comes to intermittent fasting

the next thing i did was to drink a ton

of water water is just life like


it's just life it helps you with so

many things in terms of your health it

helps to flush out these toxins

it helps to reduce bloating we all know

that bloating

can contribute extra pounds on the scale

so that was one of the things that

really really helped me throughout this


i got back on track with my water intake

which for me

is about a half a gallon of water a day

one of these that just works perfect for

me because

it has these little motivational quotes

on here and it has

times so it helps me to stay on track if

i continue to sip water throughout the


and i get my intake in and it is just

awesome i love it

if you're interested in this water

bottle i will leave a link in the

description box where you can find it

another thing i did was started

incorporating apple cider vinegar again

into my routine apple cider vinegar is

one of the things that i

use to help with bloating i used it in

the past and it worked really really

well for me

i consume a teaspoon or tablespoon or so

of apple cider vinegar every morning and

it just really really helps to

break down all of that additional water

weight that's in my stomach and

it's just awesome seriously try it the

next thing i did was to get back on

target with my workouts and that's one

of the things that was

really really inconsistent in my routine

over this summer

and i made sure to get back on target

with that i

worked out three days per week and i did


cardio normally i would incorporate some

type of resistance trainings with my

workout as well

but the quickest way to shed pounds and

get that number down on your scale

is to do cardio i would go and run and i

even worked out to my

own fasted cardio video that's right


which is a killer workout if you are


i will leave that link down in the

description box as well so that's it

guys these are all the things that i did

to help me lose

five pounds in one week i'm definitely

going to be keeping this routine

going feel free to try it if you think

it may work for you

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from me i thank you so much for watching

and i will see you in my next one

bye guys