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alright guys I am back from Bermuda and

I ready to motivate you guys to move

your body and eat better food alright

guys welcome to lutely TV I am your host

Bret got through all the way back from

Bermuda and I'm the HS asses question

put your hand up right now if you ate

lots of bad food and you were lazy over

the holidays

I put two hands up cuz that included me

right here but that is behind us we are

moving forward we're gonna forget

everything that we just did for the last

few days and we're gonna get back to

living lean just let me tell you a

couple different stories when I got home

I weighed myself just to kind of see cuz

I was feeling puffy from all the sugar

that I ate and all the water-retaining

and everything else I wait 183 pounds

now my body weight on a daily basis is

about 176 177 now so the question is was

that extra six pounds did I really

gained six pounds of fat in two days of

eating bad food and not moving my body

absolutely not so here's what I did the

day after I got home I got up in the

morning and I downed a lot of water I

ate a lot of green vegetables I ate a

lot of good sources of lean protein and

I really kept my sugar down so what that

does is that will help flush a lot of

that water out of your system because

those six pounds that I put on in two

days I did the quote a little bit late

there but six pounds then I put on into

eight is not fat it's basically water

weight you will have a hard time gaining

six pounds in two days because if you

think about it to gain one pound of fat

you need to be Anna chloric surplus of

3500 calories so I'm not going to do

that math but you guys get the point so

obviously its water weight we just have

to excrete our body of water that's what

we want to do right now and we want to

get moving our body a lot more than what

we did the last two days so I went to

the gym I did deadlift after deadlift a


I worked Multi muscle groups so I did a

leg workout worked a lot of muscles and

very similar to the afterburn effect

workouts that I have in live lean after

burn so if you haven't picked up that

program yet live lean after burn comm

check that out so that's what I want you

guys to do start today forget everything

that you did in the past forget all the

bad food forget all the laziness all the

alcohol everything else get back into

the swing of things starting now so

here's a little clip of me in Bermuda

with my brother jumping in the water

obviously we had a little bit of liquid

courage to get us motivated we did let

loose but we did get in the water it you

know was freezing but it's something I

can now say I swam in the ocean on

Christmas Day here is so many different

people on the beach it's a great setting

there here is me hanging out with

Santa's little helpers

wink wink and having a little bit of fun

there as well but all in all this is

what I did on my vacation I kind of let

loose now I'm back and I'm getting back

to my live lien philosophies like I said

I excreted that water weight enemy in

one day I'm now back down to 177 so I

lost I lost 6 pounds in one day so don't

get discouraged if you go on the scale

right now and it says your weight is way

over what you normally are don't be like

all no I can't do this it's gonna take

me forever to lose those few pounds I

put on in two days it's just water

weight get back into it eat clean foods

keep that sugar low and get into the gym

and work multi muscle groups start

burning a lot of calories live LeAnn

after burn workout is perfect for this

stuff check that out and yeah you guys

will be back to your game shape in no

time so hopefully enjoyed this video

guys in the comment section below let me

know what were some of your cheat meals

that you had or did you actually keep it

pretty clean and did you get to the gym

at all or did you just kind of lay back

and lay low or did you do some of my

Tabata workouts what did you guys do I

want to hear about it cuz you know it's

gonna make me feel better or probably

make some of the other viewers feel

better leave it in the comments section

below we're gonna be back again in a

couple days with hopefully some kitchen

recipes some cooking shows workouts and

a lot of other great things guys is the

year of living lean you guys are coming

along with a journey with me and I can't

wait to show you everything that is to


I'll talk to you guys soon alright guys

thanks for

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