How to Cut Charm Squares (5" Squares) from Your Yardage

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hi I'm wonderful Malaya the craft and

today I'm going to show you how to cut

charm squares or 5 inch squares from

your yardage so let's get on and show

you how to do it so I have my piece of

fabric and I've got the folded edge

facing towards me and I have the

selfridges facing away from me now this

has come from the shop and as you can

see this edge here is as crooked as a

dog's hind leg so we're gonna have to

straighten that so what I'm going to do

is take my ruler now go to the line up

one of the lines on the ruler along the

folded edge and I just bring that over

right so we've got some favorite then

you can see just how cooker that is so

give that a good trim right and now what

I'm going to turn the fabric around and

I'm going to cut off the selvages we

don't use the selvage your now quilting

because it's a different weave alright

so this is quite a large selvage if it's

got sort of dots down the side so you

need to make allowances for that as well

so now I can I'm fine here because I've

got a nice straight edge along here that

I've just cut and so I can line my ruler

up along that edge linen okay okay so

now I have straight here just where my

selvage is worth now to my favorite

ground so that I have the fold facing me

again and we're going to start cutting

our strips so I have my rule up I'm

going to line roller up along the fold

again so I have a line across there and

I'm going to put the 5 inch line down

the edge of the material ok down my

straight edge alright and I'm just going

to it's all lined up I'm just going to


okay so we've cut that piece now what a

lot of people do is they just move this

the ruler across and they line up the

five inch mark with the next stage but

before I do that I'd like to make sure

that everything has cut nicely so I just

like to move my fabric across and I'll

just remove that one

okay so again lineup it on the folded

edge and the five inch mark down my edge

decide and we'll get another one out of

that and there's a bit of waste feared

which will go into my from quilting box

all right so I have my three pieces cut

so now I've put my three strips down the

head and I have the folded edge down

this end okay so all three folded edges

are there and I've lined these up

perfectly along the five inch line up

here now I'm going to cut all of my

three strips at the one time if you find

that's too much you can cut too you can

even cut one at a time

it's so whatever you're most comfortable

with it's most important now that you

have all three of these strips lined up

along the five inch line okay so let's

go now when I had the long strip before

I pulled this away to see if everything

was cut again as I save people often

pick it up and then just line up on the

edge along here with this strip I'm just

going to pull these cut pieces away and

then I will come back down here they my

five inch making sure that it's all

perfectly straight okay you can give

another cut and the same again I mention

iron across the edges of the material

and this will be our final cut so we

have 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 24

charm squares award 5 inch squares got

about half a yard of fabric so if you've

enjoyed this tutorial

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