The Best Way to Cut Drywall!

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up the street we have some demo to do

before we cut the drywall off Moulton

was up with a safety tip about cutting

drywall of course balls to Mark's he's

thought of something ingenious and we

ran down here to the shop to customize a

plate so tell me exactly what you just

said earlier okay I take a lot of flood

houses or in New Orleans area we have a

lot of houses that go on the water so

you have to cut it usually two feet up

you want to do is I'll take the blade

and break it off on my jigsaw now I'm

probably not the first person to think

of this but it's a great idea and it

works what I do is I'll take this blade

slip it in my jigsaw I'll pull it up

fully extended and of course with the

battery out of it we'll mark it so we're

using the access saw it's a two-in-one

saw from works right we're gonna snap

the blade off really quick but is it

five eighths is a half-inch depends on

what your drywall is for this one is

half-inch we use our carpenter pencil

which is exactly 1/2 inch we mark it

snap the blade off let's go cut some

drywall you take your marker and that's

your half inch mark we're gonna pull

this out I'm gonna put it in the vise

clamp it down to my pencil back you go

sir and then you're just gonna snap it

up and we're gonna snap it off right


you need to get some goggles make sure

we have some fire protection get it

tight sure go get the air connection


so that that's it that's it we'll take

this part right don't don't lose it I'm

not gonna lose it that's their high now

we'll take this and slip it back in our

saw I'd love to suck it by the way it

man and this is not invented huh no I

haven't seen anything like it I use it

all the time

make sure about the work man let's get

it cool tonight we're working in the

docks of all Kim besides limited power

to this house all weddings at Swanson

except of these savage rising and small

handheld I give these to the vent and

actually I go this one on the stand so

we can cut these are insane they all

have dual one two and three and this one

totally adjust down I get handheld ones

I got one of those instead and I have


we can get to work cooking him you can

also adjust the power of the light

that's pretty cool

this wall - here comes out because it's

a window that goes directly

gotcha so I love yous my dear the Apollo

rates do you know the power comes down

here yeah but you know what it's for

friends play that Mike is already

through it yeah give me a silver cool

and give a little sniffle here you are

just to work but it's not rich dildos oh

yeah sweet safety first

kind of big square right here proving

that we're gonna expose why is that

we're not gonna go happening


that's an invention right when you touch

the studs over the washer don't close

these wires off oh yeah the guy tech

right up on here didn't touch him even a

razor blade if you make it back

absolutely we got lucky yeah


so Paul's idea what the half-inch saw

blade works great and now don't do this

at home I'm just goofing around the

powers off in the whole house I take the

other side of the blade I snap it open

like a sawzall and I cut right through

everything just like you would on your

job including wires let me show you what

happens Jimmy Joe Joe this is Jimmy on

your job in the basement in your work

he thinks he hit a stud lo and behold he

just cut your power off the house or

your house above the braid um probably

one of the best tips I've ever seen and

he just casually mentioned it how many

times have I been flooded in Charleston

and I've got two feet off the walls in

three thousand square feet run it run it

doing this stupid nice a hundred times

over I've done that before this is and

that's not ever it's not okay that's a

real thing today you want to steal some

of our tips to make it into an invention

make yourself a millionaire take that

the shark tank

so Paul just look probably figure that

little blade on you yeah what let's just

shoot you from the inside with your okay

me blade on continually yeah I don't

know what you want to call it but I know

you I know you have a name for it I

don't have the ball blade the batteries

out by the way cuz I gave it to you good

big cut on this side right back

so that's me that's me hit the water and

you know just burnt down I'm trying on

right here right now seven right more

yeah yep and it just goes well