How to cut 5/8" Drywall Fast and Easy! Pro Tips and Tricks from a Drywall Contractor

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all right I'm cutting some 5/8 for this

area behind the fireplace and they do of

drywall entertainment center here for my

big-screen TV just going to have an arm

comes out can be curved curved TV


got all kinds of stuff going on over

there but figure to be a good time to

show you how to how to cut a piece of

5/8 inch drywall it's thicker than the

half-inch it's hard to cut I'm going to

show you how to cut it quick and easy

without a lot of effort I needed up he's

23 and a quarter inches by 4 feet so I

just got to cut it 23 it's already 4

feet scored it with my razor knife right

at 23 and 1/4 got my drywall t-square

always be careful when you have a sharp

razor knife what I'm going to do is I'm

going to score this

probably about five times a piece of

half-inch you can score it once and snap

it or cut the back just got to apply a

lot of pressure right on the point of

the razor blade it means what's this do

it a couple times because just a few

times pray five times all right one more

then I'm going to show you how to cut it

from the back and get a perfect cut

every time I don't even know how many

times I did it I just know I don't want

to keep messing with it and flipping it

back and forth and cutting it more and

it tears more so one time just do it

five six whatever so there's the cut

weaken in the front it's going to create

a line for me to cut on the back there

it is there's the line that's the back I

bent it almost to a 90 degree angle that

way when I cut it there's no chunks or

anything on the seam hopefully so we go

straight up and right out the top keep

your hands away from the area you're

cutting and above blades in cut just

that simple a lot of people struggle

with 5/8 you don't have to you just got

to know how to cut it now lifting it's a

whole other story there's the cut

pretty straight cut here's the factory

edge which is always great and then

there's the cut edge that I just got

can't go wrong there so there's your tip

how to cut five is eight inch drywall

quick and easy hey thanks for watching

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