Cutting a Notch in a 4x4 Wood - Working on my Outdoor Off Grid Bathroom

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guff Arizona hot homestead here and

today on the homestead I'm going to

explain what these are these are little

notches on the wood basically this video

today is about cutting notches like this

notch here into wood if it's a 4 by 4 4

by 6 hey I don't know I guess a log or

even two by fours or whatever you want

to cut that notch into these notches I'm

going to use for this outdoor shower I'm

building I'm going to put a 2x4

right in here and therefore it's a

perfect fit so this is one and a half

inches which is a 2 by 4 in cutting this

I started cutting with a with a cordless

power tool well it's not powerful to cut

the number of cuts that I need because I

need like what three six ninety like ten

of these cut like two or three on each

one so any like thirty of these cut

cordless ain't going to do it so what I

brought out was the ordinary skill saw

well they got it plugged in to my

generator and that's what you hear in

the background now when you do this you

have to make sure that

this measurement right here is a

measurement that you need now make sure

it's down to the bottom of the blade not

like up to here so the measure that I

just simply used a standard tape measure

to standard o tape measure

for basically you're looking at an inch

and a half and I don't think you can see

that but basically that's what you're

looking at to the base of this each saw

is slightly different but basically on

this particular saw you adjust it by

lifting this up I'm not gonna just

ecause I just have to redo it

but you lift this guy here up and you

adjust it to it and you tighten it by

pressing down some of them I have a

screw piece or whatever this

measurements that are on here they are

four this one is four plywood so it's

not going to do me any good but some of

them are regular inches and but even

then you got to be careful don't go

exactly by that pull out the tape

measure and measure so when you cut

these all you're doing is just a series

of cuts when you're back into the

picture here you're just doing a series

of cuts down to the depth you got you

just want to make sure that when you cut

you're holding your sauce straight

across you're holding your sauce

straight across and you're not lifting

up or anything like that now in these

cuts here if you notice not every one of

them is the exact same dimension that's

fine because what you're going to do you

can use one a little bit bigger than

this this is just a 3/4 inch chisel soft

or not chisel saw but this is a 3/4 inch

chisel then I have a hammer to assist me

basically what I'm going to do is I'm

going to just press this down in there

if it doesn't go all the way like I like

it I'm going to tap the top and all I'm

going to do if you can see that

perfectly let me adjust it will just

pound down till it's all the way down

normally it's just one whack and then

from there you're just going to take it

and just like your gear shift if you

will play it that way

then you want to do the exact same thing

over here right this way

sometimes I'll come in the middle and

I'll just wiggle both ways or watch this

see how this comes out sometimes it's

not perfect but sometimes it is that

feels pretty damn good we're that would

you look at that isn't that amazing

now you got this that you can use in

your fire if you like or I don't know

you can do whatever the heck you want

with it but wasn't that cool now now

you've got these little ledges here let

me zoom in so you can see them a little

bit better so you see how it does it

come out absolutely perfect like this

but that's okay because again you're

going to put your chisel to work

basically when you work your chisel for

those of you who don't know and I kind

of learned this by trial and error when

you use your chisel like this that

actually would dig into it if you flip

it around and use it like this it won't

dig into the wood you don't want to dig

in you just want to knock this high

stuff off

sometimes you're going to have this and

that's perfectly okay and now you're

ready to go now it may not be to some of

your perfectionist out there may not be

absolutely perfect

you can still chisel maybe a little bit

more away but you know for the most part

that is solid if you want to pound it

for the hammer though to smooth it out

even more great but otherwise this notch

is complete it's ready to go what I'll

probably do is I'll put a little bit of

liquid nail in here and then I'll put my

two-by-four light it right in there and

I'll drop a couple of screws or nails

not only does it hold the integrity of

the 4x4 because now you have a piece in

here which will help support the whole

4x4 as well but you also have to keep in

mind now that when you do notches like

this do not go more than 50% of the

board if you go more than 50% of the

thickness of the board it does it does

weaken the board itself even with that

piece in there at least that's what I've

been told by a few folks who work with

wood and again I am no expert I am NOT a

well I'm just your average Joe doing a

little work on the homestead trying to

build an outdoor bathroom

this segment is only about creating a

notch as you just saw I got like 20 more

to go so I better get to work

and so this segment just completes this

one if you want to see the complete

bathroom I will have a playlist set up

so that you show so everything if the

video is too long I'll break it down in

the series so that you can see that

sides the walls the roofing and the


and and when I go to do the sides I will

make a special interest on this and in

fact what I'll do even before I publish

this video for you is when I get to the

sides I'll show you what it looks like

so you can see the 2x4 in here and how

it stays flush with this and how pretty

it actually looks so that will be at the

end of this video actually coming here

in a few seconds I guess it would be

like a bonus section for your not so

pays to watch the entire video

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watching on my videos over and over and

over a couple other very important

things to mention about when you're

cutting this notches here not only do

you make sure that this is 1 and 1/2 but

also make sure that your width there is

three and a half which is the width of

your 4x4 or your 2x4

then don't forget these things right

here these things are probably the most

important piece because there is why

you're doing a lot of little bitty cuts

this sawdust will go everywhere you're

going to probably get your head down

into so you can watch your lines so you

make sure that you're staying so you got

them as even grooves as possible I'm

doing that sawdust is going to fly up in

your face so bring these because every

time I have not had this I end up with a

little piece of sawdust at my eye and

that's annoying as heck so wear some

safety goggles I guess you should anyhow

but me mr. nan safety is telling you

wear safety goggles that's the safety

tip on this video alright so here's the

way that not just look there's my 2x4

right here fits in there pretty flush up

in here pretty flush


I put some new in here some liquid now

and then when you have a nice tight

fitting it makes you feel really good

it means your measurements and your

cutting blade and all that was just

perfect guy see there is a little bit of

a gap in there most of this is from when

I was chipping it out

just chipped out the edge which is fine

and then I just for a couple screws in

there and then as you can tell

let's talk about the integrity see this

is still complete for bike so so as you

can imagine if you were to cut will you

that wind sorry about the wind folks if

you were to cut more than 50% of this

you kind of see how now all of a sudden

the whole integrity of this would just

strength is gone so we get some wood

considerably so if you go less than 50%

then you still got Jordy the wood and in

this here ends up acting is as a support

as well I know it doesn't make sense if

you cut more wouldn't you still have a

support well no because what I've been

over carpenter weakens it just too much

you still need to have the main string

in there but yeah now one thing I want

to point out is like on this one here

see how I got a gap there so when I went

to cut I just end up cutting a little

bit more than I need it there's no

problem with that I can come back

filled and said with some more like

Whannell if I wanted to or I could leave

it because I wanted to take some

corrugated metal and that's going on top

of this so the only reason why I put

anything in there is just to help keep

some water from getting up in there see

down here and end up being a nice tight

fit but that's the way it looks when you

when you're not good and then you put a

piece on and it just makes it look so

much nicer I think than just having that

attached to the outside you touch it to

the inside any Dalek is really nice so

that ends my video of notching the wood

and then then I'm going to finish my

bathroom here if you want to see the

complete videos of my bathroom the

solution for my playlist outdoor


this video will post before the

bathrooms done so if you're seeing it

within a few days I've been posting you

won't see what the bathroom video so the

bathroom video is coming but if you're

watching it and it's a couple months old

well then there's a bathroom video what

I would do is I will attach the bathroom

video the playlist up in the corner here

somewhere so that you'll be able to see

that it does exist and it's ready to be

viewed if you see nothing up in here

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