How to Cut a 4x4 With a Handsaw : Walls & Home Repairs

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hello everyone I'm Joshua Clement and

this is how to cut a four by four with a

handsaw now one of the tricks to this is

making sure that you have a nice clean

cut without going from one side to the

other the trick to that is making sure

that you pork your wrist just a little

bit because as you're sawing you're

going to want to twist it back towards

yourself you got to make sure that you

keep it nice and straight so it's going

to be a little bit uncomfortable to try

to keep that wrist straight for this job

I'm going to be using just regular

Hansel so I've gone ahead and put two

marks on this one across the top and one

across the side that way I can keep

checking myself to make sure that I'm

delivering a nice clean cut without

going to one side or the other you want

to make sure that you're up off the

surface because you're going to want to

hold the blade at an angle and not flat

goes a lot faster that way so you're

going to want to start cutting on the

corner when you're getting started

you're going to take your thumb and hold

it right next to the saw blade that way

you can make sure that you're getting

right on your line then you're just

going to work yourself back creating a

brew after you have a little bit of

groove you're going to just start going

back and forth with your salt now using

a handsaw isn't the fastest way to cut a

four by four but it does leave a pretty

smooth edge thank you all for watching

and good luck with this project