Crazy Way of Cutting 4x4 Lumber

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all right so I want to show you a little

bit of my trick or I don't know that's

how I do it because I'm not good in

reading measurements and stuff so I'm

doing it let's just call it the island

way all right all right you know I'll

show you here in this hole and what I do

it's 22 I can reach that one very easy

it's 22

so I want to cut my post 21 in half just

to give me room to move around so I come

here right here all right so now now you

can see that's where I'm gonna cut it

right over here and I'm gonna cut it in

however the depth of this this wood is

so what I do my songs I put it up here I

line it up with this oh that's simple

right you don't have to measure anything

coming on like you mm-hmm

you get it and then so what I do i I'm

work the bottom here on this site so you

can show them on the other side so there

you go so I'm marking here now you see

you know so here this on this side and

I'll do it on the other side or the same

thing but I I'm gonna mark it on the

outside so make sure it's line up really

nice and I'm gonna mark it on this side

I'll get this right

all right so now you can see the tag

that created a line over here and I have

my line over here so I don't know me I

usually where I'm gonna cut I exit so

this is gonna go away now go show you

how I cut this I don't know who created

this speed square but this is the best

I've ever seen you never use it before I

come out here it's very simple so now

I'm gonna make the lines here so right

there I'm gonna make this side too and

there you go so now I have all right so

I'm gonna do is cut this step about a

four or five dollars this sois cost five

bucks from a garage sale don't do this

okay this is very very unsafe leave it

to the professionals

so this site is going all the way down

this side no it only reaches the smudge

didn't reach the line that we want to

cut so I'm going to turn it around here


do not attempt to do this okay it's only

crazy people like me to do this alright

cuz I'm lazy



so this come straight to the line that

we cut on the other side so perfect

right this side this is very unsafe guys



alright ok I'll show you another trick

all right so I think this guy cool bar

crowbar whatever you call this thing put

it right there

and guess what hey just one click and

it's done so no I have a beautiful wood

right there's no need to use tousle and

make it better Victo there you go ok

done now I can screw it put Ruxin about

off my post and pour concrete in there

and it's done that's the step down right


ok so it's all good hopefully I can get

this deck done by middle April yep this

is the hardest part of work is this

everything else that comes after that

the deck works very very easy it's a

piece of cake all right so we're gonna I

already put all the post in screw this

guy together and that's basically it

nice job thank you