A simple jig for cutting fence posts

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now when it comes to cutting 4x4 posts

for fences or whatever chop saw is a

really great tool but a lot of times you

don't want to carry one out to a job

site or maybe you don't have one so what

you end up doing is marking both sides

of the posts cutting one side and then

cutting the other and the results are

usually less than stellar today what I

want to do is show you a really simple

system a buddy of mine who does fences

for a living uses and it is really easy

just took three pieces of scrap plywood

I cut these on my table saw if you don't

have a table side check out my video how

to build a table saw in ten minutes I'll

put a link in the description box so all

three pieces I cut are roughly six

inches long ones a little shorter and

one of them is the width or thickness of

a 4x4 post the other two are about five

inches wide now I'm just creating this

see making sure I'm lining everything up

really well I added blue looks not

really necessary just makes me feel

better came back and put some screws in

and that's going to really solid this

whole thing up now after measuring out

for the length I wanted I make sure I

measure a setback to account for the

distance from the bed of the saw to the

saw blade and then clamp the jig in


and then make a cut and that gives you a

nice clean cut now I realize my saw

blades super dull so I'm actually going

to change the saw blade right now and

make another cut now the reason I made

these things six inches long instead of

just shorter is because if I want to cut

from the other side of the bed I've got

plenty of room to the motor for the SATA

go on and there you go

nice clean cuts every time