Bracing + cutting posts to height | Sawmill Shed

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welcome back for another five to ten

minutes probably this week of watching

me oh my that is a really big black

snake hey there little fella

anyways huh as I was saying I'm watching

watching me single-handedly attempt to

build this either a very large sawmill

shed or smallish barn for the sawmill

shed ah that's pretty good-sized snake

there sorry I'm distracted anyways where

was I going so we are picking up from

last week last week we left off we were

working on bracing on the shed you can

see man I'm never gonna make it through

this intro man we were working on

bracing on the sawmill shed we got it

going this way and we are going to start

working on it going this way on the shed

now I used up all of the 2x4 poplar that

I had on hand so I could saw some more

poplar or I've got some 2x4 oak that I

cut like a year ago maybe so I'm gonna

try using some of the 2x4 oak dry ish

oak doesn't really nail all that well so

this may not work but we're gonna go

ahead and saw some of it up and give it

a try anyways


so as much as I enjoy the game of Jenga

we're gonna go ahead and move these

other pieces of wood off of top of the

oak two by fours that I'm using for



okay so that pretty much does it for

bracing on the lower level at least for


tomorrow hopefully we will start working

on cutting these guys to the correct

height and once we do that we can put

the beams across them and start putting

the rafters on and it's actually going

to start looking like us somewhat

completed building okay guys we're back

again and as you have probably noticed

already we're gonna try a little bit new

of a setup here

I stole the the headband off from an old

headlamp of mine that the headlamp was

broken on it and I think this is gonna

work pretty well for using to hook the

the camera up here the little action can

when I'm up on the second level like

that it's a little bit tricky to try and

do a camera up there as well so by

having this little action cam up here I

think it should make having shots up

there a lot easier then I can run like a

time-lapse on the Canon here












well I've decided one thing for sure I'm

not gonna do those tall Center ones

today I meant to bring a little harness

with me that I could put on me and hook

to the post I've got it for using in

tree stands for hunting and I meant to

bring that with me and I forgot to it's

not too bad doing the ones on the front

and the back because those are low

enough I'm either like on the deck or

I'm on like the first step the ladder

the center ones I got up there the saw

looking down over the edges and now now

oh yeah we aren't gonna do the hose

today we will go ahead and get the rest

of these shorter ones on the front and

back done



whoa that was crazy this little field

mouse just took off running across pit

it's like it it knew that that snake was

over there oh that was funny I don't

think it even noticed it was over there

it's just going on its own little merry

way there okay dude you gotta get back

on track saw dust in my eyes and in my

throat and in my nose man I definitely

need to cut this part out take far I

don't like that one either