2 Easy Ways To Notch A Post

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in today's video I'm going to show you

two ways to notch a porch post for a

girder the reason you want to do this is

so that the girder sits on top of your

porch posts but also the porch posts

laps up beside the girder so it can be

through bolted be secured very well

it also looks better to have the post

run up to the top of the girder versus

getting cut flush at the bottom it's not

hard to do I'm gonna show you the two

ways that I do it and they both work

well here we go so the first way I'm

going to show you I'm gonna take the

chunk out in one piece like this nice

the second way I'm going to take it out

in little teeny pieces like that okay

for both methods the first thing you're

going to need to know is the height of

your girder in this case it's a double

two by ten garter that I've mocked up

here and this measures nine and 5/16

inches secondly you'll need to know the

width of your girder in this case three

and 1/16 inch this is equal to the

amount of material we're going to remove

from the top of the post over here


pretty dirty post and this will get

taken out so the girder can lap through

the post


that's everything I can do with this ah

now I need to get a handsaw or a sawzall

and a chisel to finish this thing up now

I'm going to use a sawzall to cut out

this bit of wood right here all the way

down to this cut you need to make sure

and get it on both sides because the way

I'm going to use a chisel it'll knock

this out it won't work unless you do

this step there we go


now here's the satisfying part of this

method I'm gonna take a chisel and well

I'm not real proud of this chisel it's

just what I happen to have the day oh

that's Ray's chisel I don't have a

chisel but I got Ray's chisel and we're

just gonna go with the chisel through

the end here basically set it all the

way into where it starts to peel this

piece up then hopefully I'm gonna get

this in one shot and now I'm gonna take

this hammer and blow the piece off now

all I need to do is take this chisel

clean up the notch like so so that when

I lay this girder in here it sits flush

so that was the first way you could

notch for a girder by taking the entire

chunk of wood out in one shot

the next way I'm going to show you is to

actually cut slices of wood and then

take these slices out with your hammer

and then your chisel this is only two

and a quarter we're taking out if you

had some other size girder next we need

to set the saw blade depth to the depth

of your notch out like that you can use

the board itself as a gauge you can see

that my teeth of my saw I'll go right to

this line now I'm gonna make a bunch of

little slices here and knock them out

with my hammer and then much


there we go

and guys my arm is seriously tired but

that's basically gonna give this thing

enough flexibility that when I hit it

with a hammer it's just gonna blow all

these pieces off so let's get this in

slow-mo actually I'm gonna pause this


now for attaching the girder to the post

notch you could do it a couple different

ways you could add one layer of this

girder ran out of time you could add the

first layer and then fasten that with

3-inch fasteners through here to the

notch really well you know the second

layer if you've got your girder already

together in two pieces like this you

could use timber screws that are longer

that would go all the way through both

layers and tie it in you could also

through bolt pre-drill holes and use

half inch galvanized bolts that's a wrap

for our video thanks again for watching

hope you enjoyed it