How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring - General Tips and Advice

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hey my name is Ben thanks for stopping

by so I want to talk about vinyl plank

for a minute here because I'm almost to

the end of my project I had this last

little section right here and so if I'm

going to do it I should talk about it

now anyway you just want to kind of go

through a few of the essentials for a

random stuff initially the first thing

you're going to want to do is make sure

you have a subfloor which is the surface

underneath your final flooring that it's

adequate for supporting your vinyl now

you don't need underlayment as you can

see there's no underling that they were

putting underneath this but we do need

to do is make sure that it's nice and

flat what I did

this is tongue and groove plywood I took

the belt sander and I sanded looking for

any high spots that my need to be taken

off and then also filled in any holes so

you can see here here the screw holes

that were pretty sunk into the floor I

fill those with rock-hard putty let me

show you the product I used there's the

rock hard putty that we use this is

water putty I'll put a link in the

description to this exact stuff it works

really well for filling in any holes or

gaps that are little dips in the floor

and giving you a nice surface to support

your vinyl the way the contractor told

me basically with the with vinyl it

tends to follow the floor so you want to

make sure that there's not any dips

because over time the vinyl is gonna

want to follow the shape of the floor so

make sure you have good subfloor and

then depending on what type of vinyl you

have mine has to work from so if I was

looking at the room like this it'd be

the far back left corner and work my

first row all the way across and then

and then continue to do that same order

because of the way this tongue and

groove works here has to start on this

side and work this way so we'll go ahead

and snap this next piece in place here

you have to just basically lift it I'll

give you a close-up here for a second

this is the tongue sticking out here on

this side and this side has kind of the

opposite so you lift it and snap it in

place and then drop it down like

so let me see that set this here right

there you know I just kind of rock this

this is a pretty thin product they have

some vinyl plank that's a little bit

thicker it doesn't make a lot of noise

when it snaps together but once fuel

that's seen here make sure there's no

like weird spots where it's pushing up

if it is pushing up I found you just

rock it up and then push it hard in and

it rock it back down again it has to

make it flat okay so now we have this

remaining section here we're gonna have

to cut a piece

you wanna pay attention to your staggers

so this is a staggered here and

according to the instructions for this

particular product you want this stagger

to be at least six inches and we have

seven and a half so we're good so we'll

cut this next piece here and you want to

leave a little bit of a gap on the

outside edge between probably you know

between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch to allow

the floor to stay floating and kind of

expand and contract no in this small

space it doesn't really matter because

we're in a bathroom here but in a bigger

room it's important to have an expansion

gap around the outside edge so we're

gonna go 15 and 3/8 or maybe yeah 15 and

3/8 what kind of piece off here I'll

show you how to cut it off so we're at

15 and 3/8 our framing square here mark

it out 15 and 3/8 and then just take a

really sharp utility knife like this one

here and you're gonna score it and snap

it the first time I can just put a

little bit lighter because I found that

it's easier to stay where the square is

about three times usually does it for

this particular product you can cut this

stuff with the saw you can cut with all

sorts of different things it's pretty

nice but this is the easiest way to do

it so now we've got our score right

there now as we bend it it's just going

to snap right off

and then Bend at the opposite direction

there we go now we have our piece that

we're gonna lock in here you see that

yeah it looks like

okay now it's pretty difficult to get

this in here if this piece is locked in

so what I like to do is actually take

that piece back loose and then snap

these two pieces together here first end

to end and then bring it back and lock

the whole section in all at once it's

like that like I said just kind of rock

it and there we go alright that's in

there no you the piece that you had

leftover that we just cut off we can use

that to start our next row so our next

row okay

her next role can be right here we'll

just make sure that's close to the

bottom the toe kick there looks good

now the snap isn't temporarily here

while I get my measurement and you can

see that our stagger here again is going

to be similar to this one I think it's

about seven and a half or whatever so

we're good

we don't need to cut any more off to

make sure that our offset is correct

so we will continue this I'll show you

one other way to cut it here so here

we're looking at about 23 inches because

I want to do myself about an eighth inch

so 23 inches here get it ready so 23

inches now this time I'm just gonna I'm

actually gonna mark it with my feet now

we're gonna use a tin snip it's an cut

this works pretty slick and this is what

I use for when I have to do cuts that

are not just straight line right score

it and snap it but since we don't have

much many of those left I'll just do

this thing

I'll link in description to a decent

internet and any other tools that could

be helpful for this job and there's our

next starter piece now the other thing

you want to watch out for is uh patterns

these all have patterns to them and

depending on the brand and or whatever

of the vinyl plate that you use how

often the pattern repeats itself will be

varied and so you want to make sure that

you're not putting this piece right here

this is the one that always drives me

nuts this spot which actually looks

quite nice but if you have two of these

right next to each other you can tell

that it's a repeat of the same piece and

it looks terrible so you definitely want

to make sure that you pay attention to

not have repeats here in a pattern so

much so now I would definitely recommend

pulling the toilet and putting flooring

all the way to the flange of your toilet

I'll put a link in the description for a

video of how to pull your toilet if you

need to but it's definitely worth it to

do that because your installation would

be much cleaner if the flooring can go

right underneath the toilet and then for

this this last edge like right here this

is a bad example kind of let's say if it

was up against that wall this last

little piece is kind of tricky to get in

here and you have to cut down a piece to

a narrower width and sometimes it

doesn't want to snap in so it's helpful

to have a little pry tool to help

gently pry your piece into the edge here

but I wouldn't do it next to a shower

you're gonna have to figure something

else up for that but this here was

generally pretty helpful hey there so I

have to doing this whole level here

those are the tips that I have so a

couple benefits of vinyl plank are that

it's waterproof or water-resistant

unlike laminate and it doesn't require

the underlayment but

require a little bit more preparation

under the surface yeah tile is a lot

harder it's a little bit warmer so you

can see right here this is the bad spot

I should Naomi said never to tell

anybody about this I realize that I put

this piece next to that piece and it's

kind of driving me nuts but like in the

large skiing thing it's gonna be okay

but I just told everybody I shouldn't

have done that now everybody can come to

our house and try to find that after

that after that I was much more careful

and I was already to about right there

it would taken a long time to get back

to it to change it so oh well anyway

that's all for now thanks for watching

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