Installing Pergo vinyl flooring - How to cut vinyl flooring?

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how to cut vinyl flooring you'll need a

concave knife gloves and a pencil

before you start cutting a vinyl plank

make sure you're working safely make

sure you wear gloves

protip use a concave cutter knife and

make sure that it is sharp this will

help you work faster avoid using a

regular cutting knife these are much

less practical and a lot more dangerous

the same applies to a knife that is not

completely sharp do not use a saw on

your planks always cut with the deck or

of your plank facing upwards use a

pencil to draw a cutting line at the

measured point firmly cut into the plank

and subsequently break the plank in to

with the deck or pointing away from your


protip use a table to stabilize one end

of the plank while you break off the

other end

if you need to break off only a small

edge a pair of pliers or a similar tool

is a much more convenient alternative

protip always make sure that you place

your knife as straight as possible

before starting your incision this way

you can be sure of it having enough

space at the edges for expansion cutting

your planks into a special shape should

not have to be a problem cut the shape

into the vinyl plank making sure that

the cuts will fit snugly and break this

shape out of the plank

protip always place an extra plank

upside down underneath the plank you

want to cut this way you can prevent any

damage to your newly laid floor if the

little insert which is part of the

clique system comes loose when cutting

or soaring make sure to put it back at

the exact same place this is essential

to guarantee a solid click connection do

you need more tips take a look at the

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