How to Cut Glass - Quick, Easy, & Safe

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hey Kevin here mr. DIY dork from DIY

dork calm today i'ma show you really

simple and safe way to cut class so

check it out it's really cool


all right so this method of cutting

glass is really simple there's not a lot

to it it's not necessarily for cutting

like crazy shapes or super precise

little tiny cuts it's just for big broad

chopping a bigger piece down into

something smaller maybe you have a old

door that has a custom sized piece of

glass and you found a bigger one

hardware store need to cut it down this

will work or maybe you're you know you

just need a small piece for a craft

project or maybe a picture frame broke

the you know the glass broke and you

found another piece of glass but it's a

little too big and you need to trim it

down this will work perfect for that so

for this video I found this old picture

frame out here for $0.50 at the thrift

store and they're all only reasons I'm

really using it is just because it was a

really cheap piece of glass I could use

for the sample video and another cool

little tip is you know if your picture

frame glass broke instead of going to

storm buying a whole new frame or even

going to hardware store and buying a

piece of glass look at thrift stores

because they have tons of frames I got

this one for $0.50 as everything in it's

a really good piece of glass all right

what you need to cut it down is one of

these little glass cutting tools they're

about 2 bucks at the hardware store has

a little metal wheel on top has a

beveled edge a couple little gripper

teeth here if you need to snap little

pieces off and it has a ball on the end

you can use to knock the glass I'll show

you that later also you need some kind

of a straightedge I have a little metal

ruler here it's a little thin I prefer

something a little thicker but it will

work fine if you had a really straight

piece of wood that would work as well

another thing is one of my little tricks

up my sleeve is a dowel rod I'll show

you how to use that later you can even

use some tape and a marker if you need a

little help I'll show you that to you

too also when you're cutting down plate

glass so this is type of glass if it

breaks it looks like knife shards it

will be sharp if it breaks or if you

drop it so I'd recommend some safety

gear so maybe a set of leather gloves

and then maybe even some safety glasses

and check out the picture here this 80s

Navy do check out his glasses remember

when those were cool alright so how

about I take this piece of glass out and

I'll show you how to cut it down really

easy all right so I took my piece of

glass I cleaned it up so it looks a

little better and

right now it is a classic 8 by 10 piece

of class so let's say that I had an old

5 by 7 picture frame and the glass broke

and I had an old late by 10 I'm not

using I wanted to cut it down to a 5 by

7 so I'm going to do real quick as I

measure out the 5 by 7 I'll use one of

these markers to mark the lines to cut

so I know exactly where to cut and then

good thing about these is that will wipe

off clean later so let me do that real

quick and then I'll show you how to cut

it and snap it alright so I have my good

5 by 7 section marked off these two

parts here with the X we're going to cut

off we have to do it into two different

cuts so what you probably will do just

automatically is you're going to take

your straight edge and line it up to the

line but that's not actually how you

want to use it for one of these little

cutters and the reason is because that

little tiny metal wheel in there is

offset to the middle by about an eighth

of an inch so you actually want to take

your straight edge and bring it inside

the line about an eighth of an inch

before you make your cut now the other

thing is that you're going to be using

enough pressure that this thing could go

off course and the glass is pretty

slippery so there's a good chance that

your straightedge may slip on you so if

you're not comfortable with that and you

only have like one shot a little trick

and it may be a little overkill but it

is helpful you can use a little tape

just rolled up put it on the bottom of

your straightedge and that will keep it

from moving around so I put my tape on

there and then I will set it up against

the line about an eighth of an inch

inside and then what you want to do is

take your cutter and get a really good

grip on it and you want to put about a

medium amount of pressure not too much

not too little and when you pull it it

should sound like eggs or bacon sizzling

in a pan and that's when you know you

get the right amount of pressure so you

also want to make sure it is dead flush

against the straightedge and you don't

want it to go off course because you

will have a you know if it goes off this

way they crack or the break will be

offset and it would be hard to fix if

you go inside your line then you ruin in

the piece you want to save so let me do

it real quick and I'd be super careful

and listen this is what it should sound


all right just that one little drag

there should be enough and now to break

it what a lot of people will do is

they'll just take it in their hands and

the staff it or they'll put on the edge

of a table and try to break it off

whatever but what I like to do is use a

dowel rod and what I do is I Center that

score mark I just made right on the

center of the dowel rod okay that way it

gives it a little support when we break

it another thing if you want if you

don't feel safe or comfortable with the

glass you can wear your leather gloves

if you want for the video I guess I

won't just to show you I guess if I

bleed all over the place then it's my

fault so anyway what I like to do is

hold the glass firmly in one place and

then with the other you press down on it

and make sure that that score mark like

I said is centered right on the dowel

rod and should snap real clean check

that out perfect cut so let me cut this

one and I'll show you one more trick you

can do with this little cutter all right

so check it out now we have a really

good 5 by 7 piece that has really clean

edges perfect ready to go the other

thing I wanted to show you is if you're

cutting small little pieces like let's

say I needed this little tiny square for

something after I score it it actually

becomes a little harder to to break off

with just your hands so what you can do

is when you line it up instead of use

your hands to press down you can even

tap it with a little ball on here and

check this out it works too and you get

another clean cut there now and maybe it

kind of freaks you out and with the

metal but it usually works out really

well run huge pieces like a big window

whatever your hands work totally fine

that's all there is to cutting it really

clean cut doesn't take much at all

really simple but I thought I'd share a

couple little tricks I think makes it a

little easier so I hope that helps you

out if you're ever trying to cut glass

and it works on mirrors too if you're

curious about that too