How to Cut Tall Grass with a String Trimmer aka Weedeater, Weed Wacker

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hey everybody's chasing Creole and this

is the like here life today I want to

show you how to use a string trimmer and

you know I always thought when you were

mowing grass you know anybody can use a

edger or blower I mean those are

basically the elementary skills in

mowing a lawn but when it comes to

riding the mower there's there's skill

level there and then I always thought

you could really make up some time using

your string trimmer and you know how it

is if you've got people working with you

if you find somebody that's good with a

string trimmer they're definitely worth

some extra money because it you're not

only being fast but having quality work

at the same time well there's a number

of skills that you need to to be good

with a string trimmer today if you if

you see the hillside beside up behind me

I've got to go after that hillside and

that's one of the things when you're

doing a large area like that is it's

being able to one of the skills I was

talking about you know I like somebody

that can edge with one of these or you

know whatever you need to do but other

skill is being able to handle a large

area in a quick amount of time so I'm

gonna go after that hill one is to show

you that and then to you know it'd be a

good test for this trimmer this is the

Husqvarna 5:25 LS that's the one that I


now this one's got paint on it done out

of the original cap I mean it's got some

you know I've used it a lot but it's

running great so I'm gonna put it to

test on some overgrown grass on that

hillside now another obstacle there's

little poison ivy in there so I have to

deal with that we'll see how that works

out one thing I got to figure out I love

to hear your suggestions if you have

some ideas but what to do with that

hillside I don't want to keep having it

to you know trim it with my string

trimmer I don't but I don't want to

plant juniper or something like that on

there I don't

I'm I've got one idea on how to keep it

controlled I don't want to just spray

the whole thing and kill it I want to

maybe get some grass to grow in there

and then I could maybe use some growth

regulator or something to keep it from

growing as fast but if you got some

other ideas on what I could do that

hillside I'd love to hear from you let's

get started

I use the speed feed heads I'll put a

link to that description if you want to

check those out I use the smaller ones

these bigger ones smaller one smaller

and just spins faster honest I like that

they like gives you more power even

though it doesn't hold as much




















all right I'm done I don't want to do

that too much I want to do something

else on this hillside but so let me hear

your ideas we did this strange drummer

performs pretty good you know when you

cover large areas what I do is keep it

to the you know keep the throttle all

the way down I'm kind of making wider

strokes than I normally would if I was

out you know there's trimming somebody's

yard actually you know you know I think

threw me off on this hillside when I

first moved in this house back in the

fall the city had like a tractor come

through here with a bush hog that had a

an angled bush hog on and it came

through here and cut this hillside in

the top and everything well I ain't seen

them in six months so about six months

so you know I guess that's just a once

in a blue moon kind of thing I'm a

glasses got earplugs in not because I'm

not trying to protect my long-term here

but also in the short term I just don't

like loud noises so and the hats not

necessarily a fashion statement this

more just keep the Sun off to watch I'm

Jason Creole let me hear from you

comments yeah I'm done so go subscribe

the channel

and let me know what you thought about

the video talk to you later bye