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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

Lexie and today we're doing a requested

video how I my hair it is taking

me way too long to do this video I'm

just super lazy I haven't posted in so

long because I'm also super lazy but I'm

not like giving up on you guys I

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I'm gonna trim my hair I'm gonna tell

you guys how I kind of prepped it for

this really really quick before I start

I wash my hair like three or four days

ago I did a braid out so when I did my

braid out I did not put anything that

had hold like Jo or any kind of edge

control I just literally just put

moisturizer and put my hair into a bunch

of plaques like ten plots I wore a braid

out for a couple of days it was

literally like afro I had no hold I was

dying but it's hard prep for me to trim

my ends

I could have trimmed my ends three days

ago but I wanted to record it for you

guys and I just been taking so long to

do everything in my life

so anyways I'm finally here I got home

today and i detangled my hair again so

every night since I did the braid out

I've been braiding my hair back up into

four to six Platts finger detangling

every night not like crazy but just like

you know pulling out any knots and

tangles so today my hair was in a puff

and then I came home I put my hair in

two sections and I have 12 braids at the

root and then the rest is twisted I

definitely recommend braiding the root

of your hair for trimming or just to

have the smoothest hair possible because

I don't know about you guys but my type

4 hair if it's not soaking wet and I

choose to put it into a style now I

don't braid the roots it's simply going

to crunch back up immediately so I

always braid my roots for the most part

you know things change you get tired of

doing the same thing over and over again

by Bray the roots of my

you twisted the rest you can braid all

the way down I was just being lazy and I

was in a rush to record this so there

are twelve sections in my hair twelve of

these things in my hair I'm just gonna

take it out it's already been D tangled

with a wide tooth comb and then the

Denman brush I only put leave-in

conditioner to help me detangle my hair

so it's very moisturize still not dry at


I'm sure jump right on into this I'm

gonna trim my hair in sections because I

have type 4 hair and everything you do

guys do it in section just for the ease

of the process I mean you don't wanna be

doing this and make it a mess all over

your head like it's not the business so

anyways I'm gonna take out the situation

the twist / braids and my ends needs to

be trimmed so so bad so I was already

having issues with this in the first

place like styling your hair so trash

when you need to trim it so I'm going to

go through and just separate any of the

curls and clumps that might have gotten

all smooth together throughout this

process and this section is kind of big

so I'm going to not really big but it's

too big for what I want to do I'm gonna

cut it in half and then I'm just gonna

you know you can clip it back or pin it

back I have a point so horse I'm gonna

put it and the points out holder just

put it right back here and I'm gonna

just run my fingers through it even

though I made sure it's detangle before

you do any cutting to your hair you want

to make sure it's as even as possible

and detangled so obviously if it's

detangled that means that it's pretty

much even and I'm gonna go through it a

few times with the brush it really

should be super easy to get your fingers

through or the brush through so you guys

can definitely do a blowout that might

be easier for some of you guys I'm just

trying to use minimal heat but if you

want to do a blowout

different ahead being stretched as

possible so now I have it all stretched

out and I'm just gonna pull I have no

more hair I shouldn't have any more

hair I shouldn't have any more

tangles and I'm going to pull pull pull

pull and use my fingers to bring it all

the way down and I'm looking for

unevenness I'm looking for knots I'm

looking for where the hair starts to

look like it belongs to together you can

kind of see that this portion of the

hair is kind of sparse and it gets

thicker right here so I don't do this

for every section I'm showing it to you

guys as to give you an idea of how I

trim my hair so I'm gonna trim off this

much hair I am NOT a natural that is

afraid of trimming I trim often I

haven't trimmed in about four months

maybe even five months so I'm hella

behind on my trimming so I have no

problem cutting off was about like an

inch and a half maybe two inches so yeah

show you guys you can put a white piece

of paper behind your hair if you need to

you also use your fingers and kind of

feel where it thins out use a white wall

whatever you kind of see even better

here it's even better you can see that

right here is where it's looking crazy

and then right here it's thick yeah I

used to trim my hair when it was wet a

lot when I had a shorter hair as my hair

gets longer I find that's not too easy

to do and my hair has grown so much that

I just don't even have the energy to

trim it while it's wet when it's wet

though you can kind of see even better

where the hair looks really frayed and

messed up so you can kind of can really

see cuz if the curls aren't curling like

they used to so now I have hair cutting

shears you can buy these shears anywhere

I bought these a couple years ago at

some like neighborhood beauty supply

store for like $2 do not use kitchen

do not use craft scissors use shears yep

that's my tip okay pull it down line it

up look for that sparseness and just

trim I trim straight across and then I

run the brush through it

I'm not type of natural that trims it a

few times if you want to you can

definitely go through it again this sure

this really is enough for me it looks

pretty good even with the white

background you kind of can see that I

got most of the dead ends off and I trim

where to go well here I trimmed this

much off so I went and got some gel

because I'm gonna turn this into like a

twist out because my hair has a head

hold this whole week for you guys so I'm

just gonna put a little bit of gel this

is completely done with a dumped in a

fast forward probably but I'm just gonna

put a little bit of gel and Swiss the

section back up it would be cool to UM

trim all of my hair and then show it to

you guys you know all big and fluffy and

whatnot but listen to me okay I'm not

doing that

I'm just not gonna do it okay guys

because that's more work for me if I

leave all my hair loose or just let it

all out and then shake it around show

you guys I'm not doing it follow me on

Instagram and you will see my hair nice

and big and fluffy to be honest for

extra measure after I twist the hair at

the very end I will trim a little bit

off of the ends I'm doing this just to

ensure that whatever left was left over

that I was to whatever that I didn't cut

off I can get it and you can kind of see

it's kind of far away but the hair curls

and then at some point some port at some

part it doesn't the hair curls you can

see it right there zoom in

the hair curls and then right here it

stops curling and gets frizzy so I'll

just trim it right off and then you have

all the knots should be out of your hair

and your end should curl up nicely

I'll put it soom right on into your see

this nice curled end and that's how I

trim my hair sometimes I'll go over the

section twice but that's rare I'll do

one more time for you guys

quick little detangle to make sure all

the dead hair is out

I would never brush my hair when it's

dry but I just detangled it literally

like an hour ago so I really know that

it's not going to pull out too much of

my hair if any because it's already too

tangled I'm just smoothing and I get

this section because it's a side section

I trim it to the side like this and this

white wall is perfect if you have a

white wall in your bathroom or anywhere

in your house I recommend trimming in

front of white or a light color so you

can definitely see where you should trim

it's perfect for me like I can see

perfectly where I should trim with this

white wall and thankfully you guys can

as well

I'm a mess lower this is an awkward

setup can y'all see it perfect and I'm

just gonna look in the mirror

I'm gonna bring it down from my own


but I'm gonna keep it at this

you guys couldn't really see that but I

kept my hair in this position I just

turned it down so I could trim it evenly

and I could see in my mirror how to trim

it but I kept it in this same position

so if I hold it out like this it's

perfect and you see how nice and clean

that cut is and how all those that ends

are gone and once again I'm trying to

brush through how are you guys doing

today I hope you're doing great

enter that poll tell me how y'all doing

today I'm gonna put some gel because I

haven't had any gel in my hair and my

hair is a frizz BA out in the streets

you can see you see right here I have a

little bit of dead hair so all like a

little bit right here so that's gonna go

away when I trim the ends in that twist

I think kind of double teaming it like

that is good because you can even all of

that dead hair I wouldn't go over it the

same way again because I don't want to

cut off so much of my hair I definitely

have a bunch of hair on my head so it

really isn't that big of a deal but I am

trying to retain length so

yeah it's so funny what you took us to

you I never cared about retaining length

until making youtube videos like

literally I had no problem with my hair

link but was happy with it now that it's

grown a lot in the past year I've just

been like over hype about retaining as

much length as possible side note I

don't recommend trimming your hair and

twist solely so I think you need to have

different measures of trimming your hair

I think that twisting and trimming your

hair only is not the play because you

leave out a bunch of hair okay guys so

these are mine this is my first section

so yeah guys that's really all I do so I

have two sections done so far I'm gonna

do the next 12 sections and you guys can

see the results on my Instagram I'll do

a twist out and post that picture so you

guys can see it and see how my hair is

looking luxurious and even and I don't

have a shape to my hairs like little

back track back story my hair naturally

has kind of like this heart shape

thankfully I never shaped my hair I

never have shaped my hair I just trimmed

my ends so whatever my hair looks like

it's just the way that it grows I'm

happy I have like a little heart shape

when I have my hair really really big

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kind of I don't know and I will see you

guys in my next video bye


you hear me so