How to Cut 4 Ft. Porcelain Tiles

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ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the

channel I have a quick video on how to

cut 4-foot porcelain tiles your 2 foot

by 4 foot porcelain tile extremely large

and extremely heavy and difficult to cut

large format tiles are becoming

extremely popular right now a lot of

your clients will start to request the

large format tiles I'm talking up to 4

feet designers are requesting

installation of large format tiles so

what I'm going to do is show you how to

cut a 4 foot porcelain tile three

different methods one with a tile saw 2

with a grinder and 3 with a manual tile

cutter now these are the easiest ways to

cut a large 4-foot tile other than a

very large heavy and expensive bridge

saw now let's quickly show you what

we're working with and what we are going

to use we have a dry cut iQue tile saw

with their very large format extension

table here we also have to manual tile

cutters a 24-inch cutter which will

crosscut this large format porcelain as

well as a 52 inch rrtc manual tile

cutter which will easily and cleanly rip

this large 4-foot tile and lastly of

course we have our grinder we will show

you how to cut the tile with the grinder

as well as a wet sponge another method

to cut something of this size so let's

get right to it show you how to rip the

4-foot porcelain tile with the iQue saw

rip the 4-foot porcelain tile with a

manual tile cutter and also rip a 4-foot

porcelain tile with a grinder and a wet

sponge here we go we start with the iQue

saw and then move on to the RTC manual

tile cutter



and there it is guys not a bad cut

nothing a polishing pack can clean up

ripping hard porcelain or foot tile with

the IQ saw and the extension table let's

move on to the manual towel cutter by

RTC it's called the razor we go

I almost forgot let's check the accuracy

of the IQ tile saw cut

20 and five-eighths and 20 and

five-eighths that IQ saw is absolutely

accurate with the large format table

extension as well as the sliding tray

now here's the big boy a 52 inch

cantilever system manual tile cutter

this is by RTC it's called the razor

now with a child this large they do run

a bit expensive they run about sixty to

eighty dollars a piece

so it's smart to make two marks on each

side and to double-check that your wheel

will score from mark one all the way to

mark two for a square cut


and there you go a 10 second cut four

foot hard porcelain super clean cleaner

than the IQ saw so there's that cut on

the bottom as you can see very clean

manual tile cutter 52 inch quick and

easy now the most time-consuming method

to cut this four foot porcelain tile is

with the grinder let's show you mark

your line ear protection mask

here we go wet sponge


well there you go Annette a clean cut

that took some time a few minutes to cut

this but third method is a grinder with

a diamond blade ripping through a 4-foot

porcelain tile well there you go three

methods on how to cut a large 2 foot by

4 foot porcelain tile

thank you for watching hit that thumbs

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you guys on the next one