How to cut basic 45 degree angles

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hi welcome to Johnny works today I am

teaching how to cut 45-degree angles the

most basic angle you can cut okay maybe

you went out and bought a miter saw or a

skill saw and you ready to get your feet

wet always wait glasses watch out for

your fingers okay make sure no kids are

around don't leave that being plugged in

and let's get ready to go the first

thing before we even cut anything go buy

one of these right now literally leave

right now go buy one this is a speed

square okay under ten bucks

I forget seventy bucks whatever it is

okay buy one of these bad boys has got a

45 degree angle already on one side the

other side square that's my 90 okay this

will be your best friend for marking

ahead of time so if you're looking at a

new project to working on you could mark

it ahead of time with your pencil what