🔥 Amazing JIGSAW JIG for vertical 45 degrees miter cuts

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in my last woodworking video I made this

portable jig for the jigsaw it helps to

keep the jigsaw blade perfectly vertical

now in this video I will make a similar

G to keep the jigsaw blade at a perfect

45 degrees angle in this case I have to

find a different way to install the

bearings correctly the first part is

almost the same as in the previous video

but now I have to tilt the jigsaw shoe

to a perfect 45 degrees angle

I cut this lot


and now I have to tilt the jigsaw

metallic base to the other side also

until it is at a perfect 45 degrees

angle with the jigsaw blade like this

the jigsaw blade will fit with the angle

of the groove I glue that piece in front

of the jigsaw I install the bolts with

the washers and the wing nut to hold the



I prepare the barians


and the support with the vertical piece

to prevent too much vibrations well here

we can see that in this case it is

better if I put the bearings in a

separate piece because if I try to screw

the readings directly to the support the

way I did in my last video it would be

very difficult to put them correctly

and it would be impossible to adjust

them in the right position like this it

will be easy to install the variants


oops it is not easy to keep the base of

the jigsaw G perfectly from the



well I could make a clean cut it looks

quite nice but if I check for the angle

here it seems to be some far from 45

degrees but if I check the cut surface

well not so bad

well I think I will have to make some a

small woodworking project to see how

good are the metal joints I can make

using this jig but that will be in

another video thanks for watching if you

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