How To Cut Perfect Miters

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I am trimming the panels in this door

here making this on making this for my

house and I'm covering this I'm showing

this video covering this build my home

rental channel if you want to go watch

that there's a link in the description

if I don't make it a real quick one here

to show how I cut mightor's the first

thing I do is I cut the miter on this

end over here so that I can bring the

piece over to where it goes I never

measure for this kind of work right here

and I never set up a stop block to cut

them all the same size because too many

things can vary so it's always best to

measure it like this so I'm going to

take that and I'm going to put it right

into the corner there and tip it over so

it's touching that side over there and

I'm going to make a mark right on the

place where I need to cut that miter and

then I'm just going to make a witness

mark to show which way to cut and then I

can bring it over to the miter saw and

make that cut


all right when I bring it back to the

panel I'm gonna test to see how it fits

and this is just a bit too tight it

should slip right in there without any

effort at all but not have any play

either that would be no good so what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna bring it back to

the miter saw and I'm just gonna trim a

very small amount off that by pushing it

up against the blade while the blade is

still stopped and lifting the blade with

piece hull in place and then cutting

through that all right take it back and

try it again and it slips right in there

and there's no side-to-side movement

whatsoever and that is the ideal fit

what happens if it's too long and you're

trying to push it in when the next piece

comes down to it the corner won't line

up because you've pushed the whole thing

over that way a little bit now here I've

got both pieces of trim put in here

already and I need to find the length of

this one and I can't get it in there and

accurate mark it on the end so I'm just

gonna do is lay it on the top like this

and then I can make my mark on the other

end lining up the long part of the miter

with the edge of the panel

okay that's basically yet I hope the

demonstration was somewhat helpful I

know a lot of people have difficulties

cutting these minors accurately and

that's basically the way I do it for

nearly everything I never measure

because you really can't line up the

tape properly but you need to do is take

the piece of trim that you're cutting

and put it in place and make your marks

right on there and then fine tune from