Cut 45 degree corner skirtingboard, how I cut an external mitre, outside corner on skirting boards.

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hello everyone

adrian from ask how tube again about a

month ago a few weeks ago i

uploaded a video fitting skirting boards


somebody commented that uh we didn't see

how you cut an angles

and it's true i'm really sorry i really

miss that

when i'm working i'm just

sometimes i forget to film step by step

but yeah it's true

so um i apologize for that because

on the title of the video i said uh this

is how i fit skirting board how i cut in

angles but there's no

anything to show you how i cutting

angles so

i have a job now which i'm fitting

skirting boards so in this video i'll

show you

exactly how i cut with the meter so

on 45 degree or if you don't have meter

saw with a

cordless circular uh

by hand probably is possible i'm not

sure but i don't think will be easy

but i'm gonna show you two ways how i

cut the

skirting board on angles

so this is the skirting board and

what i'm doing we need here to cut at 45



we have to take it here at 45 degrees


you have to make sure it's in line here

and here is touching

the edge






now when you measure the length you

don't measure from here

you measure from here




so we have inside 45 db cut here

inside here


so when we cut with this we have to do


first of all we need 45

like this so you need to allow minimum

two centimeters just

to make sure a little more than with a

low pressure


then you need to make sure it's 90


mark is proper


now you have to set this up at 45.



okay now with the metres so you don't

have to worry about the line

but now you need to watch the line and

follow the line








i know it's not the same shape that i

just want to show you


so that's the way you do it

okay so skirting board is done

you just need some good filler at the


thanks for watching good luck with your