How to cut and install wall baseboard trim 45° cuts

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I'm gonna go over how to cut wall trim

and it can be very difficult for a lot

of people the number one things we

didn't knew is that you're gonna need

sorry that you're gonna need is tools

that are gonna help you cut this and

you're definitely gonna need for your

measuring tape a pen and a chop saw that

can cut at a 45 degree angle you see how

to get set to a 45 and what I'm doing

right now when I start out the first

thing I did is that went upstairs in my

bathroom and I drew a map of the entire

bathroom and there's my door and I took

distances from the door to the left

under the sink and around and you take

exact measurements if you got say your

wall board at thirty three and a half -

two millimeters you need to I think

those are millimeters correct me if I'm

wrong um you're gonna have to write that


but you see I've called millimeters I'm

not that educated but I can sure as hell

put some trim in anyways so I got let me

see give you an example here this part

of the wall I'm actually doing right now

eighty four and a half - one of those

millimeters that I think is millimeters

so what you're doing is you're capturing

the distance a lot of people make the

mistake and after you cut your first 45

here because you know that's how it's

gonna go in and you're gonna have to

have some type of concept of how these

how these things go together so

obviously this one was cut like that but

that's not a 45 for them to meet if this

was the opposite way we prepare 45 to

meet perfectly but anyways when you cut

your cutting the distance of the wall

remember that the distance of the wall

not this distance here so a lot of

people will cut it backwards because as

long as you know that a 45 is gonna go

into a corner you would measure the

distance from the wall to that if it was

eighty four and a half I would mark the

eighty four and a half - the one

millimeter and cut a 45 inwards

okay so you're really gonna have to have

that calm

sense to know that when men this part of

the wall here meets with this other

piece that you're gonna have a 45 on

both of them and it's not a door jamb

where it's gonna be flat or sometimes if

a wall is a thirty or something you're

gonna have to put it at in the thirty

that's why you're gonna need this this

chop saw that can angle at what you want

to cut it in the eighty four and

one-half I'm gonna try to show you guys

eighty four and one half the first thing

I'm gonna do because it meets in a

corner in this room I'm going from here

to here so the first thing I did was

chop this piece right here flat a forty

five I'm sorry I put a 45 on the edge on

eighty four and a half minus the one

millimeter I'm marking right there and

the reason I tell you to use a pen not a

marker it'll be too thick and you want

to get accurate lines with a pen and

remember it's over to the backside and

that's where I'm gonna cut it this part

of the wall and when I told you guys

again about common sense knowing what

this is going to meet to because some of

your cuts are gonna go flat and some of

them will go this way I'm actually gonna

go flat up against some Schluter trim at

my shower and when I cut this I'm gonna

go upstairs and show you guys when I got

my line set where I'm gonna cut right


but I only got one hand so I can't do it

while I'm recording okay so I'm gonna

cut this and show you guys the trim

where it's backwards because that's a

more accurate measurement being that you

are taking a measurement from the back

side and not the front side come to

45-degree cuts you don't measure it from

here you measure from the distance of

the longest part touching the wall

there's the flat piece that we put it up

against the sugar trim no idea next I

knew then this area here had a 45 like I


that common-sense thing you can't buy it

and gotta have it

but there's the flat side there and

that's how they lead oh this is not as

hard as you guys think as long as you

follow the instructions cut it from the

backside have a chop saw that's going to

put it a 45 you can get these perfect

cuts and even if you're a beginner

you're do trial there and keep trying

these bars are only like five bucks for

a nine-footer even if you make two or

three mistakes you'll get it right the

next time and if you're off just to here

you could always use some white cloth

always off your seat you're supposed to

do it anyways and if it's off just a

little bit that's what you could do make

sure that your gonna shoot these in

about that much or lower to shoot it in

with a nail gun which I have in my

garage and I'm going to shoot all these

so they get sucked up against the wall

like I said it's not as hard as you guys

think gives it a nice clean look when

you're putting

I paid thousands of dollars to somebody

come on you know I mean I cut this in

about 15 minutes that's how easy that

was thanks for watching hopefully this

video helps you guys out give me thumbs