How To Cut Quarter Rounds For A 90 Degree Angle

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okay what's going on guys today I'm

going to be discussing how to cut

quarter rounds if you've just put it in

laminate floor or tile whatever you

might do and you're using quarter rounds

now obviously you're watching this

because you're pretty flustered and

trying to figure it out and so hopefully

this video will help you here so we just

put in this flooring right here this is

lifeproof flooring I'll try to leave

some links in the description box below

the video but what we have here is we

have the cord around right here and we

have our different cuts this is not

nailed down or glued down with liquid

nails quite yet but as you can see here

is coming into a 90 degree angle has a

cut like this now these cuts are

actually 45 degree cuts on a 90 degree

angle room corner and so on the solid

downstairs we're going to show you how

to position your saw so that it cuts

45-degree angle cuts for a 90 degree

wall corner which is then gonna be

flowing into the left side here so we're

going right to left here with a 90

degree angle so that is our cut for this

side here and then we have our cut for

the left side here which again comes

together in a nice pizza shape here and

it flows in really nicely now for some

reason if you do have a very small

itty-bitty seam here it's not perfect

you can use a little bit of caulking a

little bit of paint splash it in there

and it's going to look really nice we're

actually very impressed with this so

then obviously when you go further down

the line you're gonna have to make a

nice clean clean cut here straight on

which then you'll flow into again the

right piece to left piece so let's go

downstairs and let's first show you how

we're gonna be working on sorry about

the sunlight we're gonna be actually

working on now we're going to be working

on this piece that flows from a straight

cut here butts up really nicely with

this one we're gonna measure that out

and then we're gonna get our pizza slice

again on the right hand side flow in the

left hand side so we're gonna be working

on the cut on this side first which we

just saw then we'll be working on the

cut for that side coming together in the

pizza okay here we have the piece we

just measured out for that one area

we're working on here so that what we're

gonna do here is again we're working on

the right hand side of the corridor

coming to the left side going this way

so that needs to be a 45-degree cut so

what we're gonna do is we're actually

going to be using our saw here and we're

gonna loosen it up and again look down

below here and you're gonna see the

different angles here to make this cut

we're actually going to swing it this

direction until we hit 45-degree angle

here right here alright let's go ahead

and tighten that guy on up like this and

now what we're gonna do here is we're

gonna start the long piece which is the

straight piece into our angle right here

and this is where we want our cut but

make sure when you're cutting this that

you want this coming down want a blade

coming down because we've measured it

out perfectly

you want a blade coming down right on

the corner here cutting here so that

you're not coming up short down that

direction there so go ahead and show you

a little bit more back towards the

garage door there that should be good

right there perfect guys if you can see

that sorry it's a little bit hard to see

that's coming down the blade right here

so let's go ahead and cut that up and

then for safety I'm gonna cut it and

then jump back on camera alright that is

a beautiful cut again just right there

and also I want to state that on the

quarter round you have a smaller edge

and a larger edge this larger edge is

the one that goes on the bottom so

literally a corner round is literally

going to be sitting exactly like this

that's a beautiful cut and now what

we're gonna do is we're going to be

working on the left side coming in to

the right side and that's it folks right

there for the right side again now what

we're gonna do is we're gonna measure

this side here until right about there

we're going to go here to here and then

I'll show you how to cut this one here

okay we just measured it and cut that

piece to length and so now what we're

gonna do here again because our saw

swung over to the right 45 degrees we

actually need to make our cut over here

our 45 degree angle cut here so now you

go ahead and loosen it back up we're

gonna swing the blade all the way over

now again pay attention to your angles

here and we're gonna swing it all the

way around to 45 degree it says down

there it's a little bit dark but it just

swings pretty much the opposite

direction we're gonna be again working

on our left side now and so what we're

gonna do is again the same

that thing we did on the other side

making sure that angle comes down

perfectly right up on the top swinging

down right there let me show you guys

real quickly as the blade comes down

again beautifully top to bottom cut and

then we'll go ahead and show you

upstairs how it looks and that my

friends is how you do it again - pizza

slices into each other and again you use

a little bit of caulking or just some

paint to splash it in there if it's not

perfect perfect and that's it that my

friend has a good quarter out of cut and

that will save you a lot of frustration

hopefully the video has helped again

look in the description box below for

cord around links and even this

lifeproof wood laminate it's absolutely

beautiful easy to put this wood in the

quarter rounds reaction more difficult

than actually putting this wood in so

thumb the video up guys if it's helped

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bye bye