How To Cut Quarter Rounds for a 45 Degree Angle

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all right I'd say they're friends sir

the voice is a little echoey we just put

in this gorgeous laminate flooring and

as you can see we are working on quarter

rounds all the way around here now most

of the angles in this room or all

90-degree angles but we've come to a

position where we're going to be doing

the 45-degree angle and this is a little

bit tricky because you you do have to

make sure you make appropriate cuts in

the opposite direction but we're gonna

be working first with a corner round

that is going to move directly in here

and be slotted in and then a second one

will come in from this direction and be

slotted in just like that so I'm gonna

go down I'm gonna make my first cut to

show you how to get that appropriate for

your placement on the 45 degree angle

right here okay so you saw our 45 degree

angle cut they're going to need to make

here's our quarter round the length that

we need for the left side of that wall

and what you're gonna do now with your

your little skill saw here the the

slider compound saw what we're gonna do

is actually split the difference of that

45 degree angle and you can do this

again on 90 degree angle cuts as well so

if we're doing a 45 degree angle we'll

actually need to split the difference

we're gonna move this saw over 22.5

that's half of 45 degrees and we're

gonna make the cut first for the the

left-hand side of the quarter round with

the with a sock coming in at this

specific angle so as you can see the saw

has the ability to swing over here what

I'm gonna do this is a little bit

different on different saws but I have a

little knob here I'm gonna loosen up and

then I'm gonna come over here you can

see the little red arrow and I'm gonna

move that all the way over to 22.5 you

can see they actually have markings for

it since 45 degree angle cuts are so

popular once I have that down I'm gonna

come back over here to my knobs let's

get that back down and tight and we are

ready to make our cut now again because

this is exact length we needed at we're

gonna make sure that when we cut we come

down with a saw blade

on the very edge of that guy you can see

what we're gonna do and it's gonna give

us a nice beautiful forty five twenty

two point five degree angle cut so again

make sure your line is lined up

correctly with that tip of the edge

right there

alright for safety reasons I'm gonna

make this cut here and then we'll show

you how it looks okay and there she is

cut you can see just a barely a little

sliver kind of came off again be very

careful with these saws we're gonna take

this upstairs and make sure that fits

directly into our 45 degree angle okay

I've got my quarter round that's been

cut now again make sure you remember

which side is gonna be the base I'm

gonna move that over into place all the

way over to the corner and that gives us

a great great half twenty two point five

degree cut so now what I'm going to do

is I'm going to measure this space I'm

gonna cut another quarter round to that

link and then we're gonna actually move

the song the opposite direction to make

that's that opposite cut right here so

let me measure this really quick and

let's get our quarter round cut to

length okay so we're back out at the saw

you can see this is the length that I'm

going to need be very very careful when

you're working with these small pieces

we're going to be using some support

blocks to really make this cut correct

but what we need to do now with the same

side down on the court round I'm going

to need my 45 our twenty two point five

degree cut I should say on this end now

to make that we're gonna have to take

our saw I'm gonna swing it what I've

already done is loosened up our little

thing here and we're actually gonna

swing it all the way back over to 22.5

on this direction and there you go we're

gonna lock this into place now and we're

gonna make our cut again we're gonna

come in at that angle and make sure that

it comes down and taps right on that

that corner piece of your measurements

stay the same again for safety reasons

I'm gonna lock this in and we're gonna

give that a nice cut we'll show you what

it looks like okay there she be nice and

beautifully cut that'll be our other two

twenty two point five degree Springs

upstairs and let's make sure that slides

in real good okay

so here's our small piece cut and

basically we're just gonna be able to

slide it right in there now again my

measurements we're a hair off on here

this is probably because it's an older

home and so you're getting a little bit

of baseboards moving out I'm just gonna

trim that up a little bit to make it

kind of beautifully correct there but

might need to also put a little bit of

putty in some some paint on that but

that's the basic concept again if you

have a very true 45 degree angle that's

how you're gonna be cutting your your

core rounds or your baseboards hope that

has helped folks stay tuned we're gonna

do more tips and tricks and dy how-to

projects coming up soon

so take care and make sure you subscribe