Graduated 45 degree Haircut - How to get the perfect graduated cut!

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okay we got the graduated haircut we're

going to section it the same way we do

with the long layers and the five

sections beginning in the center of the

eyebrows and moving back we need to make

sure that this part when you begin it is

centered and follow the same steps that

I do I'm gonna begin by finding the apex

and parting from the apex to the back of

the ear just like we did in the blunt


how many differences we're skipping that

middle section same thing on this

opposite side and again make sure that

you get behind the ear a little bit this

way you will manage your back sections

good and you will have less hair to deal

with in the back sections especially in

this haircut it's only going to help you

alright and then we're gonna begin by

parting that horseshoe part the rest of

the way and sectioning off that third

section if you've done this right you're

going to have a proper horseshoe

horseshoe section that wraps from the

back of the ears on both sides and it's

even on both sides all right now we're

gonna split the back into

make sure both sides are even for


all right we're gonna begin in the nape

and we're gonna take a quarter to a

half-inch section

make sure your parts are neat and clean

and visible and more importantly make

sure your parts are straight we begin by

we we're gonna begin by cutting it at

zero degrees of elevation we want to

establish the length that our blunt cut

is going to be established a length that

I graduated is going to be so that's at

zero degrees we'll double check make

sure everything is even and then

cross-check it okay we're going to take

another half inch section down and we're

gonna actually begin our 45 degrees of


okay you can tip the head down a little

bit to make this easier it's it's

important at the bottom of this haircut

towards the neck is shorter and

gradually gets longer that's what we

mean by 45 degrees of elevation so I'll

begin by holding this section out in the

middle and obviously you're not gonna be

able to get 45 degrees exactly but

you're gonna create what your 45 is

right now so this is just me pivoting

the section out I'm gonna use my blunt

cut length to begin my 45 degree okay so

that will be the 45 degree that I will

maintain throughout the rest of the

haircut I'm gonna part that hair and

just beside it and I'm gonna comb those

two out together a lot of people have a

lot of trouble with this haircut because

they can't figure out how to hold it see

how easy it is to see my guide in my

previous cut I don't want to take too

big of a guide I just want to move over

a little by little taking little

sections at a time moving around the cut

all right you can see my previous guide

right through that if you can't see it

take a little bit less hair do what you

have to do get a bigger guide move back

a step I was trying to show it in the

camera I could see it but I just wanted

to show it well in the camera so it was

easy to see alright you can really see

it well there and I'll move it out to

the edges finish that 45 degrees now I'm

gonna work out to the left side I'm

gonna do the exact same thing

all right if you want to just

double-check a little bit go back

through your sections just a little bit

make sure everything is good see if you

can find anything that needs to be fixed

but make sure this section is perfect

before you move on because if this

section is perfect the rest of this

haircut becomes very easy we're going to

take down another half-inch all right I

just want to remind you that you're only

cutting a half-inch now when you when

you take down that half-inch section all

you're gonna see is your bottom sections

lining up perfectly and you're just

gonna see a little bit to cut off at the

top see that just that little bit to cut

off at the top and this is gonna be very

simple you're gonna have that bottom

part sort of as a guide but you're also

gonna section in a little bit of piece

from your previous section so you're

gonna basically have two guides you'll

have the bottom and you'll have the top

you can see the top straight through it

you know you're good to cut you're going

to work that out to each edge

you don't have to hold on to that bottom

hair the bottom hair has already been

previously cut so you can let that hair

fall out a lot of people try to hold too

much in each section remember you only

brought down a half inch that's where

your concentration needs to be that's

where your tension needs to be if some

of that bottom section falls out that's

okay it's already served its purpose by

showing you what angle to keep the comb

on and the comb is gonna be the perfect

thing to help you you're gonna let the

comb fall into that 45 degree you're

gonna watch that guide start a start to

fall out and you're gonna know exactly

where it's tipped that comb and use it

to your advantage

if for some reason when you pick it up

you see hair that's longer towards the

bottom or it's jumbled in some way the

problem probably is that you have a very

messy section you haven't combed out all

the tangles and in that case you can

easily get off track in this haircut but

if everything you do is smooth combed

out careful calculated you are not going

to have a problem with this haircut for

some reason it's been the most difficult

one to teach people but it really

shouldn't be that way so right now is

when things are gonna start to change

alright I'm sectioning all the way up to

the peri at'll Ridge of course you can

find the peri out of Ridge by placing

the comb flat along the side of the head

and right where the comb leaves the hair

is where you will see the Periodic the

reason for this is I'm going to continue

going through and cutting this 45 degree

section but it's going to begin cutting

at 90 degrees towards the top sections

now alright so again now my sections are

way too big to possibly try to hold all

of it and I don't want to cut past my

second knuckle if I can avoid it

so I want to try to just hold on to that

top section that I pulled down if all

you brought down was a half inch then

all you're going to need to cut there is

a half inch so this will be the last

45-degree section and we're going to

switch and we're going to use over

direction and we're going to cut at 90

degrees in the crown section

all right now you're graduated portion

is done you can actually just go ahead

and clip this off I want to try to work

neat and careful I'm gonna pick up a

little piece of hair and this is gonna

be my length my guide that I'm gonna use

to go into the 90-degree sectioning area

okay now I'm gonna want to work

vertically so I'm gonna make my sections

vertical and I'm going to pick up that

little piece of hair that I left off and

that is where I'm gonna get my link I'm

over directing the 45-degree section

into the 90-degree section you can see

that that is the shortest hair there and

I'm going to direct it up and up and

around basically when you cut it 90

degrees the shape of the cut is going to

mimic the shape of the scalp so you're

gonna see when you when you go back and

double-check it you're gonna see that

the section is sort of round just like

the scalp is round that's why you can't

just hold this all up and cut it in one

section you see me directing it multiple

times that's for the curvature of the

scalp I need to follow that and I'm just

sectioning the piece beside me and the

piece beside it moving up at 90 degrees

once I'm done I'm going to cross check

and make sure that everything I just did

was even I'm holding it up the opposite

way that I just did and if there's any

adjustments to be made there usually is

go ahead and make them and I'm gonna

section that piece back out that's gonna

become my guide moving into this left

section keep your hair wet thoroughly

wet so you'll have control if it begins

to get half wet and half dry you're only

gonna have an uneven haircut so now it's

getting pretty simple I'm just going to

go ahead I'm going to cut this the exact

same way that I cut that right side

of course directing it multiple times

and following the curvature of the scalp

if you ever lose your guide you can just

pick up a section you just pick up a

section vertically if you pick them up

vertical pick them up horizontal or

vice-versa so that you can check both

sides and see if there's even four

balanced since usually there's gonna be

a little bit of adjustment to be made

here but you want to check both all the

way across and see if it's even if it's

not fix it if it is you can move on to

the side section again just like we did

in the Blanco we want a fairly large

section and we are going to establish

the length of our cut I realized this

was slightly out of the camera but this

does not differ from the blunt cut all

I'm doing is establishing where my

length is now I can take the rest of my

sections down and I'm gonna begin vert

working in the vertical sections again

that I had previously I have sectioned

in a slight amount of the nape and I can

use that from my 45 degree section I was

trying to check in the camera there to

see if I was actually capturing what I'm

trying to do of course I'm filming

myself I'm trying to do the best I can

here once I got my 45 degrees I could

just move that forward and I could just

follow that that's all there's gonna be

to it we're gonna repeat the same

process on the opposite side and you're

gonna be careful not to cut into your

length or impact your length and that's

going to be it we're gonna go to the

other side we're going to do the same

thing I'm going to show you how to cut

this top section we're going to pick up

that area that we did the 90 degree

we're gonna take out that that top

section I'm going to section that in

with it and I'm gonna move it forward in

small sections just like I did with the

long layer haircut of course if you

haven't seen the long layer haircut you

might have to go back into that video

and you'll get a more thorough

explanation of this process but I'm

cross-checking it and now everything is

good now that top section is cut to 90

I'm gonna find the pair yellow region

once I find the parry out of Ridge again

I'm gonna section that off I want that

to be part of what that 90-degree

section is so I'm gonna move that back

and I'm going to cut that in just as the

last step I'm gonna find the petal Ridge

again placing the comb flat on the side

of the head right where it leaves the

head that's where you're going to make


it's also important in fading or men's

haircuts but it's it's very important in

this haircut so we're gonna go ahead and

we're gonna cut that into the top

section I have my guide there on the

outside and I'm just cutting into it

making that an even section once the top

is done there you have it you got your

graduated thanks for watching this ray

barber see