How to cut crown molding the easy way!

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the funny part I'm going to set this up

and put crown molding on this wall so

what I'm going to do is mark off five

and three quarters of an inch from the

ceiling because my total distance from

the ceiling to the bottom of the molding

is 7 inches and I have an inch and a

quarter thick stop holding that I'm

going to put there I take my

measurements when I'm doing crown

molding and I'll measure off from one

side of the wall to an even number now

right here I have a hundred inches I

already had someone hold a tape measure

my son he held it on Eliot I meant from

there to here and I have a hundred

inches I just make it simple and round

off I have a hundred inches right here

so when I mention from this wall to that

hundred inches

I have thirty nine in the quarter so now

I know this piece is going to be a

hundred and thirty nine and a quarter

inches and I mark it on the wall that

way you get a perfect measurement

because if you take this to pull it

across this whole room and bend it on

the wall

it's going to be hard to get that exact

measures all right once I determine

where these lines are I have these lines

and I know what the length is here I'm

marking well for my studs now I'm going

to measure over from my first stunt that

I found and I'm gonna mark off 16 inches

you can't guarantee that it's 16 inches

there because framers make mistakes

everybody makes mistakes and if they're

running through a house sometimes

they're off a little bit that gives me a

good ballpark I can hit the wall

right here I have a stud because I felt

this one sometimes you won't feel it now

just to make sure I'm going to use a

stud finder and I'll come by with a stud

finder make my marks I put my mark a

little bit above where that molding is

so that way I'm gonna know it's gonna be

painting for one thing and the other

thing is I'm gonna know exactly where my

studs are for my crown and for this I'll

nail it on here and then this is gonna

be painted over so I'm not worried about

never use a pen when you marking your

walls because that's permanent use a

pencil you can always erase it and then

paint that section or you can just paint

right over it usually it covers over

easily with latex paint now I always use

the Stryker pencil by Stryker hand tools

this is a great little pencil because I

always have lead I click the button that

I've got leg

I have refills for it so I keep this

with me everywhere I go when cutting

crown molding there's just a couple of

things to remember and you'll be able to

do it right every time

usually the detail is on the bottom of

the crown molding so the large span

would be up top and this little code

right here shows you that this is the

bottom of the crown when you cut crown

molding you have to flip it upside down

and you're gonna cut backwards because

your left becomes your right okay or on

this side this is your right board

you see what I'm talking about it just

goes opposite no big deal if you cut

into your length of board that's an

inside cut this is an outside cut which

means this is the bottom and this is a

top and you see I'm cutting away from

the length of my board if I cut away

from the length of my board it's an

outside cut if I cut into my length of

the board it's an inside cut it's very

simple all you do is mark your piece of

wood if you have any trouble remembering

once you do it a few times it becomes

second nature but right now just mark

your wood and you'll know exactly where

to go this is an outside cut here is an

inside cut let me put it the way it goes

on the wall or your ceiling this part

right here goes on the ceiling and you

can see the long points at the bottom

because that's what's going to touch

your wall and go inward for an inside

cut it's very simple now I want you to

look at the saw because we're gonna set

this all up and I'm gonna show you how

to make sure you lay the crown molding

on this fence properly on your saw okay

pay attention carefully and I'm going to

show you how to make this real easy this

is a crown stop crown stops will slide

back and forth and you can take it once

your piece is set in place and you lock

it down and that's going to keep every

board exactly in the same spot so when

you make your cuts every cuts going to

be the same now before you lock this

down just make sure you have this

perfect against this wall if this sits

up a little bit like this or down the

other way you're gonna have a bad cut so

you want to make sure this is perfectly

flat against the back fence you set it

in place and you lock it down okay now

if you don't have crown stops I'm going

to show you another easy way to make

your cuts and keep them precise put a

piece of tape on your on your base right

here and on the other side don't put it

in the middle because you swivel this

it's gonna get torn the tapes gonna hang

on there so if you put a piece of tape

right here you take your crown making

sure it's perfectly flush on there you

take a sharp pencil and mark your line

on both sides now once you mark that

line you've got it there for your next

piece you take your next piece as long

as it's set on that line you're going to

have a perfect cut it's very simple

another thing that's going to really

help you is you can put a piece of tape

on this base part right here and just

right top on it that way you know the

top of this crown should match up with

the base right here that says top okay

as long as you have this the top party

here on here matching this you know

you're right if you put it up like this

this is the bottom part of the crown

it's not matching up it's easy before we

start cutting we want to make sure that

this saw is calibrated just remember one

thing please WorkSafe when you're


around power equipment always unplug

your saw before touching you blade and

wear safety goggles it always helps what

I do is I loosen the back up where

there's swivels and I'll take a square

and I set this square on my table once I

set it on my table I will line up my saw

to make sure that it is perfectly

straight at a 90-degree angle so once I

have it straight up and down at 90

degrees and I double-check it with my

square I know I'm good and I'm gonna

have perfect cuts every time if I'm

gonna make an outside cut this is gonna

be my long point so I'll just make a

mark showing that that that's the

direction okay like I said once you use

to it you're gonna know but this is my

direction so I set it upside down and

you can see I still have my direction

there I'm cutting away from the length

of board because that's going to give me

a perfect outside cut once I set this up

I'll line it up with my line here on my

tape I get a 45 degree


and that's my cut now I'm gonna show you

how we match it up all I'm doing is

making a right and left-handed cut so

they match together I'll put my lines

together I'll make my cut and I'm just

gonna cut this in half to show you you

see my two outside pieces you put them

together and there's my cut now let's go

ahead and make an inside cut your inside

cut the bottom part is gonna be a long

point okay bottom points your long point

so you know your angle goes inward from

the bottom okay we're cutting into the

length of wood so that means it's an

inside cut what I do flip it upside down

just like I did earlier I'm cutting this

way into the length of wood because I'm

going with the inside cut I set this on

my line and I know I'm exact right on

the line



keep in mind you don't want to ram this

all quick into there and make a real

chop cut because you'll have it frayed

real bad and you'll have a nasty cut now

I have this side I want to make this

side this cut right here of course is an

inside cut again so my bottom is my long

point and I'm cutting into my lengths of

wood keep that in your head and you'll

never go wrong I'll flip up upside down

set it at a 45-degree angle and then I'm

going to set this on the line and make

my cut now I'm going to take this and

cut it in half just to show you how

these maps


this is the way it's going to go on the

ceiling and that is my inside cut I'm

gonna have another episode showing

exactly how to cut crown with coping and

a few more details right now we want to

show how to finish this robot